How Do I Go About Using Instagram Live Streaming

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Instagram Live Streaming

Instagram Live Streaming is a unique way for individuals and brands to reach more attendees and showcase their products to a large group of people globally. It is one of the most unedited live versions that happens on Instagram in real-time. For individuals and influencers, Instagram Live is a way to connect with their followers, while for enterprises, it is an effective means to enhance engagement with potential customers.

With Instagram being one of the most popular and widely used apps, it is important to know the features and aspects of live streaming services.

Why You Should Use Instagram Live?

Instagram Live Streaming is a great way to drive more followers and is currently being used vastly in numbers. Some important reasons are;

  • If someone goes live on Instagram, their followers receive immediate notifications.
  • For added visibility, Instagram Live gives you the number one position in the story feed.
  • It has been observed that Instagram stories have an increased chance of engagement and initiating a conversation.

How Do I Start a Live Broadcast on Instagram?

Live broadcast on Instagram is becoming one of the most hyped and trending activities. It is one of the easiest ways to engage with your followers in real-time. The steps of starting a live broadcast on Instagram are;

  1. Swipe right in the feed, and click on the live option
  2. You can also consider adding a title by clicking on the title on the left
  3. Tap the live option at the bottom
  4. You can add comments by hitting Comment, present at screen bottom end, comments of the viewers are also available at the bottom
  5. The count of people who watched your live feed appears on the top
  6. To pin a comment, you can click on a comment and tap pin comment. It increases its visibility.
  7. Once done, tap End present in the top right. Then, hit the same to confirm.

How Do I Go About Using Instagram Live Streaming?

The live video feature of Instagram first came into the picture in late 2016. To make it a seamless experience for the users, let us help you with its simple and easy steps;

  1. Download the Instagram app
  2. At the top of the page, you’ll find a camera icon that can be used to access Instagram stories
  3. There will be multiple options available, check them and click on the live option
  4. Click on “Go Live”. Your followers will get an immediate notification
  5. As users join, you’ll get to see their usernames at the end of the screen
  6. To end this live video, click “End” present in the top right-hand corner. You can also check how many people watched your live session.

How to Host a Successful Instagram Live Session?

  • Be genuine: It is important to be real while doing a live session on any social media platform.It means you need not prepare scripted dialogues, instead, you can be all-natural while talking to your audience.
  • Plan a show flow of the content: Preparing a show flow of the content or what needs to be spoken while you are live, minimizes the chances of awkward moments. You would not have to go through unnecessary pauses.
  • Promote your live sessions in advance: To welcome more participation, you need to promote your live session at least 1-2 weeks in advance. You can create stories, boomerangs, and images regarding your live session on Instagram.
  • Keep your attendees engaged with your content: Engaging content is the only way to minimize attendee drop-off. So, make sure to prepare interesting content that can keep your audience hooked.
  • Make sure to include a CTA at the end: Do not just abruptly end the live session. Let your attendee feel valued and make your live session more memorable by adding CTAs like “Thank you!”, “Bye, have a great day”, etc.
  • Remember to save and share the video: Lastly do not forget to save the live session. Saving the live-stream video will help you post it on different social media platforms too, to enhance your reach globally.

Tips For Creating Excellent and Outstanding Instagram Live Broadcasts

Create Hype About Your Live-streaming at Least 1-2 Weeks in Advance

If you wish to increase the viewer attendance for your event, try creating hype about it among your followers. You can do this by promoting the live session on Instagram and posting relevant pictures, videos, stories, or boomerangs about it. The more enthusiasm and buzz you create among your potential attendees, the more viewers you can expect during the live event.

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Be Selective About The Time, Which You Choose to Go Live

Instagram always sends a notification to your followers if you choose to go live. Hence, it is important to be very reasonable about the timing you select, as your timing can play a vital role in deciding the number of viewers.

Make Sure to Remember About The Lighting and Location

Your live sessions should be a fun and exciting event for people who watch. So, make sure to keep clear lighting and location that does not lead to any viewer drop-off. With respect to lighting, the natural one is the best, but if you want to make it brighter, stick to something that is not eye-straining for the attendees to watch.

Prepare an Engaging Content

Instagram live is all about excellent video content, to be watched by several people. So, it is vital to keep it highly productive in order to retain or hold on to the attendees. Making a flow of what needs to be spoken and creating a priority list will reduce unnecessary pauses. The delivery of speech and content is very crucial, so remember to give it a kick start and a remarkable ending, so it stays in everyone’s mind and heart for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Today, most of us use Instagram on a daily basis. But, how many of us were exactly aware of using these Instagram Live and broadcast features that can be a useful tool for several individuals and brands. We hope, the article will help you learn about the latest features of the app and how you can make the most of them.

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