Amazing Little Recognized Facts About Olympic Games Medals

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Olympic Games Medals

Games have been regarded as the best way to feel fresh and get filled with excellent energy. Sports also make people get connected. When it comes to celebrating sports on a large scale, the Olympic Games have always been regarded as the best way indeed.

Olympic Games are truly regarded as a celebration of the human spirit, fairness, world peace, and excellence. It is all about celebrating games and sports spirit. It is always celebrated on a large scale indeed. People all over the world do watch it and enjoy it.

The traditions are all about oneness and about connecting the technology-oriented advanced modern age to an ancient but also huge glorious past indeed. Many athletes from all across the world impart their all to win a medal during an event held every 4 years. Talking about the participants’ script history, it comes up with their grit. There are so many interesting facts related to this game. Let’s check out more about it.

Have you been wondering about the amazing as well as little things to recognize facts in respect of Olympic Games medals? Let’s check it out about it –

  • Medals Cut In Half –

You might get surprised reading this subheading. But this truly happened once upon a time in the history of the Olympic Games. American pole vaulter Bill Sefton won the gold in the pole vault event which happened in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. But something very unique happened at that time. Japanese Athletes Shuhei Nishida and Sueo Oe got second place in this event. They were asked to compete with each other but they did not agree to that. They refused and decided to share that medal. They shared one-half of the silver and bronze medals. Those medals were called the medals of friendship since they were cut half and fused with one half of silver. Doesn’t it sound so good and ideal?

  • When Women Also Took Part In This Game –

Did you know earlier women did not take part in the Olympic games? It was the 1900 Paris Olympics when women took part in the games. But it does not mean that women started to participate in the game from every nation. It took a lot of time to reach that level. It was the 2012 London Olympics when the participating nation also had women athletes.

  • The Rectangular Shape Medals –

You might have heard a lot about medals and ribbons. But have you ever heard about the rectangular shape medals? Yes, it also happened. It was the 1900 Paris Olympics when summer games happened and rectangular medals were there. It was designed by FrederiC Vernon putting all his creativity. The front side and backside were designed differently.

  • The New Age Sports and One Altered Track –

Have you been wondering about the oldest sports? It is Figure Skating and has been quite popular too. It was first introduced during the 1908 Summer Games held in London. The best thing about this game is that it was held once more in a summer edition during the 1920 Antwerp Olympics. It has truly been part of the Winter Olympics kicking off the first edition which was introduced in 1924 Chamonix.

Talking about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it has always been a witness regarding the addition of a total number of 4 new events following the Olympic calendar. There are many prominent sports such as sport climbing, surfing, skateboarding, and karate. Here, it needs to be mentioned that it has always been the first time since 2008 that baseball and softball are regarded as part of the Olympics.

  • Mesmerized Olympic Torch –

The Olympic torch is still lit following the old-fashioned way. It was used earlier following the ancient ceremony at the temple of Hera. Most people do not understand the importance of the five Olympic rings. They are regarded as highly symbolic following the 5 continents. And the color was truly chosen since they do appear on the flag of all sorts of competing nations all around the world.

  • Winner Names Are Engraved Following The Stadium Walls –

Winners are needed to celebrate. Their names are required to be known. Their names are engraved on the stadium walls. Medal winners do not only add to the history of the Olympics but they are given the honor at the Olympic stadium. Their names have been engraved on the stadium’s wall so that legacy would be written in stone.

  • What About the Three Medal Format –

Have you been wondering about the 3 medal format? We are going to pay more attention to that. Talking about the ancient Olympics, earlier it used to have only one medal-gold regarding the winner. But now the medal format has changed completely. Now, a competitor is given three medals including Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

  • Can You Imagine A Marathon Without Shoes –

Yes, it happened though. A marathon was done without shoes. It was Abebe Bikila who won the Olympic marathon at the Rome Olympic Games in 1960. The best thing is that he did it quite well without going with the advantages of footwear. He made people surprised by indeed running barefoot for the painstaking 26-mile run. The best thing is that Bikila became the first African in history to get the gold medal.

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Conclusion –

We hope that these points have truly brought you excellent insights into the Olympics Games Medals. It will be giving you much-needed insights regarding this.

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