The Perfect Time to Post on Social Media in 2022

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Throughout the year 2021 and 2022, the use of social media increased rapidly as it became a platform to carry out the different operations of digital marketing. The rise of the pandemic, CoVID-19 has led to the surge of internet services and usage of social media platforms to maintain connections with loved ones, friends, find new trends and gather knowledge on current events.

Brands had to go through digital transformation and social marketers had to be online as social interactions and messages increased. With all these changes, our review of the best times to post on social media for 2021 showed notable changes across platforms and industries. Both brands and their customers were constantly adapting to the online operation which led to new patterns of interaction and engagement on social media. The data reviewed by us can help marketers understand the possible time to post online on the social platforms to get maximum traffic. Before we understand the peak time of each social site, we would like to inform you that we provide different contents on education, games, fun facts, home décor, food items, etc. on our platform. We also provide Australian assignment help online services 24/7 hours for the students who score poor marks in their assignments.

The Best Times to Post On Facebook

  •       Best times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am – 1 pm
  •       Best days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
  •       Worst day: Saturday

The weekends, late night and earlier morning showed more consistent engagement for brands on Facebook. Although Facebook had an around the clock engagement in 2020. The above data has been recorded in US Central Time so high engagement is shown in the early morning. Keeping these peak times to post on Facebook can help you prepare your content calendar effectively.

The Best Times to Post on Twitter

  •       Best times: Wednesday 9am – 3pm, Tuesday to Thursday 9-11 am
  •       Best day: Wednesday
  •       Worst day: Saturday

In 2020, Twitter was the place where people used to get the first information. This platform focused heavily on news and information with specific trending topics. Twitter has peak times for engagement throughout weekdays while evenings showed signs of highest engagement. It is also a place for customers to get a direct link to brands through conversations and mentions.

The Best Times to Post On Instagram

  •       Best times: Tuesday 11am – 2 pm, Monday to Friday 11am
  •       Best day: Tuesday
  •       Worst day: Sunday

Instagram features reels, stories, etc. made it a perfect platform for social media audiences dealing with lockdown measures to find new hobbies. Instagram is a great place to share recipes of food, start new hobbies and spread brand awareness. Brands can reach their audience through reels and viral contents which become denser throughout the 11 am to 2 pm range. Instagram guides provide more in-depth information on wellness.

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The Best Times to Post On LinkedIn

  •       Best times: Tuesday to Thursday 9am – 12 noon
  •       Best days: Tuesday and Wednesday
  •       Worst day: Sunday

LinkedIn engagement became extremely consistent throughout the US work week. Engagement drops more on weekends compared to weekdays. LinkedIn content is centred around professional thought leadership and career growth and so audiences get the most from these contents on weekdays. LinkedIn is becoming important for content creation in addition to employee advocacy campaigns and recruiting.

So, these are the perfect times for posting on social media in 2022. Hope you have understood the content and to get more such interesting contents reach us. Do not forget to take our UK assignment help services from the best experts as they provide good materials at a pocket-friendly price.

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