9 Features That Make a Great Free Task Management Software

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Task Management Software

With the increasing amount of free task management applications, deciding on the right tool can be extremely time-consuming and complicated. The condition for each software will depend on the business the company is in, as well as its requirements and demands, in addition to the work process. The variety of features, user-friendliness access as well as reliability, reliability and price can have a remarkable impact on the tools you choose for managing.

How can you be sure that you’re getting the right tools to help you manage your tasks without overcomplicating the work process?

It doesn’t matter if you want a simple task-list app or a more sophisticated tool that can help your team accomplish the tasks at hand. It’s required to be aware of the specific specifications. The best tool must have the right features to meet your specific working patterns.

In the end, the most productive program for managing free tasks will help you grow your efficiency and increase your productivity, not pile onto the already-busy workload.

Although the best software for managing tasks should align with your company’s guidelines, there are some essential features to consider and don’t sacrifice on. This is a carefully selected list of our recommendations to aid you in your search for the most effective software more accessible.

Task planning successful task management process begins with thorough planning. Based on budget and resources, the scope and timeframe, effective task management involves breaking down the task into phases using an organized approach.

With reliable software for managing your tasks, you should be able to divide your tasks into smaller ones that can be managed easily. Besides, you should have an option to manage and prioritize tasks as needed.

Task Scheduling

The concept behind software for task management is to manage the work, whether professional or personal, regularly to streamline it.

An excellent management tool must permit the creation and management of schedules. If work is scheduled on a weekly, daily or monthly timeframe, it is more challenging to skip essential tasks and keep track of the progress. Notifications and reminders help make tasks more effective because they keep you alert and prevent you from spending too much time on one task.

Recurring Tasks

Another option that good management tools offer is the ability to create a task and then plan it over some days to serve various reasons.

In the case of professional tasks, a single job could be assigned to several projects. For instance, the process of updating the timesheets at the close of the week could be planned on a weekly, daily or monthly basis to accommodate multiple teams.


With so many tasks to be done, it’s natural to get lost in prioritizing tasks. A task management program that is efficient and has tools can assist by prioritizing tasks. Tasks are typically prioritized under the top priority of the task or the dependence on other work.

A great tool should offer an option to define these priorities in conjunction with the work. This assists in finishing urgent tasks first and speeds the effecting of the most crucial stages in the process.

Task Tracking

If a variety of tasks are planned, particularly for teams managing all tasks completed is a challenge. To simplify this task, it is recommended to use software that will aid in tracking exactly which tasks are in progress and completed.

When you have clearly defined assignments based on the team members they’re assigned to and the project they are under, and the urgency level they are assigned to, you can enjoy the benefit of sorting and filtering tasks based on any of the factors. Keeping track of the tasks you are assigned makes projects and tasks simpler while avoiding the needless repetition of tasks.


A good task management program can easily be integrated with simple calendars that are simple to access and manage. With a calendar, you can organize and schedule tasks and also make use of it to manage schedules, timelines, and even meetings.

If you have to write dates on your calendar to allow the team to monitor the work in progress productively or to plan conferences and meetings, an organized calendar is crucial.


Collaboration is a critical component of teams. It is inextricably linked to the features of task management software. We believe that the best task management software that is free should be created to aid in increasing team collaboration. Poorly designed or complicated applications can significantly influence communication, which can be detrimental to the management of tasks.

A well-functioning collaboration channel is an important aspect to consider when choosing the task management system. The team needs to be able of sharing information, collaborate on tasks, and get task updates. For file attachments or working on tasks assigned, the team should be able to communicate information promptly and efficiently.

Time Tracking

The most important aspect of streamlining is to track the amount of time spent on each task. This allows you to assess the amount of time required to complete every task, determining if it’s worthwhile and how it impacts overall the overall project in terms of budget and time.

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In teams, the importance of keeping track of time manifests itself in two ways: to determine the time of the team member on each task and calculate the payroll to the hours they spent. The hours are then recorded into timesheets which must be reviewed by management.

Reporting and Visualization

One aspect of managing tasks is monitoring and observing the progress of tasks. This is essential to control the flow of work to ensure that they do not miss deadlines and allow tasks to progress faster.

The best software ought to offer functions that allow users to in secure that you can easily monitor and track progress on projects.

Budgeting Feature

There are tools that permit the time, cost, expense budgets for revenue and time to be imported or even created through manual input.

The Task management software falls under the umbrella of project management. If the management of the project’s system is properly organized, and well-structured it will not cause any difficulties in managing tasks. Ultimate Business System (UBS) is a highly efficient software for managing projects that simplify the company’s processes, tasks, and assignations.

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