What Is Kyanite, How To Care And Clean Kyanite It’s Benefits, Kyanite Vs Sapphire

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Kyanite Jewelry

What Is Kyanite And What Does Kyanite Represent

The Greek understanding of the word kyanite is dark blue, which may suggest that the stone is blue, surprisingly it actually comes in a variety of colours, including white, black, green, and orange. Kyanite is a unique gemstone with fascinating features and advantageous qualities. Other names for the stunning Kyanite include Cyanite, Rhaeticite, and Disthenite. 

Disthene, which translates to “two forces,” was the term given to kyanite because of its anisotropic nature. As per Mohs scale Kyanites hardness varies from 4.5 to 7. Pure stone kyanite has a cleansing impact on the wearer. With its calming and healing qualities, kyanite is regarded as a nurturing stone. Varied colours of Kyanite have different symbolic meanings. Your throat chakra will be activated and stabilised by wearing blue Kyanite Jewelry

The green Kyanite activates heart chakra, offering you a spiritual connection to the universe. Black Kyanite is linked to the root chakra. You will feel connected to nature and safe if you wear black Kyanite Jewelry. We advise you to pair your kyanite jewellery whether Kyanite Rings, Kyanite Pendant, Kyanite Necklace or Kyanite Stud Earrings with the Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry as Kyanite is complemented by silver in not only appearance but also benefits.

What Are The Properties And Benefits Of Kyanite

There are many intriguing and advantageous qualities and benefits of kyanite. Kyanite is a blockage removing stone. By eliminating the obstructions, Kyanite Jewelry will assist you in connecting with your inner self. It is a stone with a strong vibration that will support you in creating beneficial connections and cordial relationships. Those who struggle with communication should wear Kyanite Pendants and Kyanite Necklaces, being around your throat your throat chakra will be activated by kyanite, facilitating improved communication.

We advise you to match your shiny Kyanite with your gorgeous Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry since silver not only improves the beauty of your gemstone but also offers several psychological, emotional, and spiritual advantages. Keep a Kyanite by your side or wear a Kyanite Ring if you have trouble falling asleep. It will connect to your pulse and help you calm yourself internally.

Your life will be decluttered and the stress removed by kyanite. Kyanite also works as a pain reliever. This Gemstone will relieve you from past traumas of your life. Jewelry made of kyanite will aid in any form of rehabilitation. People claim that kyanite is a stone of dreams. It is thought that having Kyanite nearby or wearing Kyanite Jewelry while you sleep makes dreams more vivid and aids with dream recall. This stone is beneficial for mental health. People dealing with anxiety and depression should wear at least one of these, Kyanite Ring, Kyanite Necklace, Kyanite Pendants or Kyanite Stud Earrings. Kyanite offers healing and help you achieve a better, more fulfilling lifestyle

Is Sapphire And Kyanite The Same Gemstone

Despite apparent similarities, blue sapphire and kyanite are not the same gemstone. Sapphire and kyanite are two separate types of gemstones. They do have a likeness in colour, but there are a lot of other ways to tell them apart. Kyanite and sapphire have different optical properties, reflective indices, and hardness. 


The hardest stone is sapphire, whereas kyanite’s hardness can vary. Because sapphire and other hard gemstones can scratch your priceless Kyanite Jewelry, including your exquisite Kyanite Ring and lovely Kyanite Stud Earrings, kyanite should be stored safely away from them. The inclusions of sapphire that are known as needles are less visible than the streak-like inclusions of Kyanite. You can identify Kyanite from blue sapphire considering all these facts.

How Rare Is Kyanite

Kyanite isn’t the rarest of the stones, it is a familiar mineral which is found in Brazil, India, USA, Italy and Austria. Since every stone is different and special, the price of kyanite is determined by how perfect it is. The largest and rarest varieties of kyanite are those with persistent hues of turquoise or blue, transparent, or even black tones. These precious stones are mostly charged at a higher price.

How To Care For Kyanite Jewelry

Like all other stones, kyanite has to be cared for, cleaned, and recharged whether it’s in loose form or as precious Kyanite Jewelry. All of these measures are necessary to maintain the freshness and newness of your Kyanite Jewelry and stone. We’ll talk about proper handling of your kyanite with caution. 

This gemstone must be stored safely because its hardness ranges from semi-hard to soft. After wrapping it in a soft cloth, place your kyanite jewelry or gemstone in an airtight box or pouch. By preventing your kyanite from being impacted by the surrounding dust, you can keep gemstones and metal sparkling and shiny.

Kyanite Jewelry

It’s possible that the layers of dust and dirt on your gemstone are the reason for its lack of brilliance. How should these layers be cleaned? Now take a soft cloth and dunk it in some soapy water. Warm water and light soap should be used together. To clean your Kyanite Jewelry, including the gorgeous Kyanite Rings,  stunning Kyanite Pendants, and even the exquisite Kyanite Necklaces, use a semi-wet cloth. Avoid being rough when cleaning. If you often wear jewellery, make sure to clean it once every week. You can clean it once a month if you wear it occasionally.

The best way to recharge your kyanite is to place it close to nature; for example, under the moonlight or in the shade of a flowering tree. Kyanite is a nurturing stone with natural healing properties.

How To Tell If Kyanite Is Real

The genuine Kyanite is a special gemstone that exhibits anisotropism; as a result of this characteristic, it is simple to distinguish the genuine from the fake. The genuine gemstone’s hardness varies within the same piece of jewelry. Colour streaking and blotching are frequently visible in a single jewelry item. A synthetic gemstone is said to be far more expensive to produce than the reasonably priced Kyanite Jewelry. As a precaution, be careful to pick a vendor who is reliable and charges you fair pricing for the jewelry.


Kyanite with its healing powers and attractive properties is a gemstone jewelry piece that your jewelry box is desiring for. The beautiful gemstone kyanite contains simplicity and purity. Your life will become more cheerful and joyful thanks to this stone. Purchase a gorgeous piece of Kyanite Jewelry at Rananjay Exports, where you can find a wide selection of stunning Latest jewelry designs at wholesale prices, to be certain of the quality and authenticity of the jewelry.

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