How To Inspire Your Instagram Reels Strategy With These Tricks

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Instagram Reels Strategy

Instagram is a popular social media application where you can post photos and videos to become famous. In 2020, Instagram launched a new feature named Reels, which is currently available in more than 50 countries. Reels are the same as TikTok, where users can create and upload shorter videos that run upto 60 seconds. Brands can create videos related to their business to raise brand awareness. The number of people who watch reels is increasing day by day and so creating reels is an easy way to gain a newer audience and followers. This article explains some of the best tips to inspire your Instagram reels. 


While posting your video on Instagram, include a call to action (CTA) to make people click to watch your next video. Use the right keywords in the description of your video so that viewers can DM you. When every user DMs you and your conversation gets deeper, your Instagram engagement rate increases, people get to know more about your brand and certainly you get a massive reach for your brand. 


There are some steps to make your reels perfect and gain more visibility. Tell about your content in the first 0.3 seconds using text or stickers. In the next 0.3 seconds, incorporate elements to bring in the wow factor. Next, add an interesting message about your content. Then in the next 5 seconds, add the beginning part which makes people excited to watch the video till the end. In the next 10 seconds, engage your audience by giving some useful tips. Add a call to action in the last few seconds of your video which makes them DM you and ask your audience to mention you in their stories. Follow these steps to make your reels perfect amongst the reels that many users posted.


After posting to reels, you need to engage with  people who watch your reels. Replying to all the comments and liking all the comments that the audience posted on your video helps increase engagement. This kind of consistent interaction not only makes you reel viral but also builds a strong rapport with your audience and takes you a long journey on Instagram. Not getting the expected engagement is quite normal while trying different content formats in which case, you could boost engagement with Instagram reels views to make your video more viral on the huge platform. On gaining immense popularity, you are more likely to get the creator mode much sooner. 


Post your Instagram reels when your audience is active. Don’t post your videos randomly, identify your audience when they are active by using pro version views analytics. This is the perfect time to post your video on Instagram reels to gain innumerable views and increase engagement rate. Upload reels content once a week, but be cautious while choosing the day and time to post your reels.


Ask your followers to mention you in their story as it makes your profile more visible to others. When your followers mention you, the engagement rate of your brand doubles. When someone shares your feeds or stories in their story, you will get a notification from them in the DM and if you don’t follow them it comes to our inbox as a message request. Instagram allows you to change privacy settings to set who can change who can mention you. If someone mentioned you in their story and uploaded it, they can’t replace your name in their story. The other way is to just repost the story. 


Replayability is the scenario in which people will re-watch or watch your video until the end, which is important when speaking of reels.  Your reels must be engaging and entertaining to make people watch your reels till the end and of course click the play button to watch the video again. When the number of reels views and replays is higher, more people take a look at your Instagram profile and some might become your followers as well. Getting more replays is an important strategy with Instagram reels. There are three tips to increase replayability for your reels videos.

  • Create multi-steps to take notes which make audiences watch some more times
  • Create a video like Tutorial or Hacks
  • Entertaining videos which make people laugh and watch your video more times


Vertical video format works best for reels and gives the best impression to the audiences who watch the video. If you’ve shot the video in horizontal format, convert them into vertical format before posting. Instagram reels have some aspect ratio like 9:16 ratio, if you cross this ratio you need to crop your video while posting to reels. After shooting and editing the video, export the video in HD quality to increase engagement. Avoid uploading blurry or low-quality videos on your Instagram reels since people always engage on content rich in quality.


If you have a video that was posted long ago with only some views, likes, comments, and shares, don’t delete the video. Reels can go viral even after a long time from when you post them. Especially reels that include audios are content that some people will find effective. If you delete the video posted long ago, then your engagement will also decline along with the video. This is the main reason you should not delete the reels. 


Instagram released a new feature to reels called remix, a counterpart of TikTok duet you can respond to the other users by recording and remixing the video. This feature helps you to connect with other creators and increases your popularity among them. You can recreate and remix any video including Instagram reels until the creator disables remix access. Enable your remix access to collaborate with other users and get a new look and tone for your reels. 

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Once you get popular among the users, you can host challenges and run a contest to entertain your audience. Instagram has no limits to view, so notify the users with reels about the challenges or contests you may run. Plan your challenge or contest and offer some prizes to the winners, encourage them by sharing their posts in your stories. After giving the notification, tell people who are willing to accept the challenges to DM you or to participate in the contest.  


Reels are a great new feature of Instagram which helps you to get famous in a short period, develop your business or brand by promoting them on Instagram. Try the above-mentioned actionable steps to inspire your Instagram reels, increase engagement rate and become Instagram famous.

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