How Much Money Do You Need to Build a Business Website?

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Business Website

The first type of business is for those who sell their products or services primarily online. These businesses probably only need a few pages on their site, such as contact information and ordering or shopping cart options. This sort of website is very simple and doesn’t require too many photos or design details. This type of business may pay as little as $75 per year for web hosting, domain registration fees (typically $10 per year), and small updates like adding new products or changing copy at $50-100 per hour.

1) Domain Names

A domain name is your website’s address on the internet. It’s like your home address; you wouldn’t want people showing up at your neighbor’s house, so make sure you grab yourself a reputable domain name.

Buying a domain name that matches your business’s identity is really important. If you do, it will make your brand seem more legitimate and professional in visitors’ eyes. It will also help you maintain consistency when people link back to your website from social media or emails.

Include an opt-in form: An opt-in form is a subscription request. They are usually found on blogs and they allow users to enter their email address in exchange for content, updates, or other resources from you.

In our experience, using an opt-in form on your homepage is preferable because it allows you to collect leads before they ever leave your website. This means you have a pool of people who already know and trust you. These people are more likely to purchase from you in future. Additionally, once someone enters their email address into your website, there is no risk of them forgetting about it or losing it.

2) Templates

WordPress themes can save you hundreds of hours of work. Free or paid, themes help you get your site up and running with very little work, which is especially nice if you’re not that technical. When it comes to WordPress, there are thousands upon thousands of free templates out there; here are some solid picks for business sites.

Some will come with plugins, some won’t; it really depends on what you need your site to do. But whether you choose free or paid WordPress templates, you can get an incredibly robust website up and running without spending too much money. Plus, there are lots of ways to monetize once your site is built.

If you want to take your site up a notch, check out some premium themes. These can run anywhere from $50-$300 or more; you generally get what you pay for in themes, but they’re often worth it. Premium themes are built with more flexibility and functionality in mind, so they may be perfect if you’re looking for something unique.

3) Plugins & Apps

The tech world offers some useful free or inexpensive tools that can help you get more out of your website. Plugins and apps let you add functionality like real-time chat, e-commerce carts, dynamic content calendars, photo galleries, etc. They also make it possible for you to manage your website with ease. If you’re building a business site from scratch, look for plugins and apps that are compatible with your web host so you don’t have to pay extra for compatibility issues.

 Of course, you can always hire someone to design your website and then use plug-ins and apps for functionality. On Elance or Guru, you can find freelancers who specialize in these roles and charge as little as $5 per hour. But as with any freelance work, it’s important that you vet your freelancer carefully before giving them access to your site. Always read user reviews of potential service providers so you know how reliable they are.

If you choose not to use plugins and apps, be sure that your web host offers excellent customer service. They’ll need to be able to answer your questions about any issues that arise.

Another option is custom development. Since these projects are tailored specifically for your business, they tend to be more expensive than plugins and apps. But they also provide you with an unlimited amount of functionality, so it’s important that you find a developer you trust.

4) Hosting & Email Services

When you’re deciding on what type of hosting service you need, you have two major questions. First, how big is your website going to be? Second, what’s your budget for building it out? Most hosting packages come with 25GB of disk space and 20-30 email accounts. This should be more than enough room for all but the largest blogs. If it isn’t, consider upgrading or signing up for more space if that’s an option.

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The next thing you need to decide is whether you’re going to sign up for an email service provider (ESP) like Gmail or Outlook. If you plan on building any type of membership system into your website, then it’s absolutely essential that your customers can sign up through an email address instead of typing in their information directly.

5) Basic Maintenance Cost

Once you’ve bought your domain name and hosting, you’ll need to pay for basic website maintenance. If your company is new, it might cost you about $20 per month. If it’s an established business with years of history behind it, you might be looking at more like $200 per month. Depending on your needs, some domain hosts can set up email addresses with free forwarding or website landing pages that won’t cost anything at all.

The two main expenses you’ll incur are domain name registration and web hosting. Unless you already own your company’s domain, you’ll probably want to buy it. At about $10 per year, it’s not much money up front, but it will be paid upfront unless you choose to pay for your domain in installments over time. This upfront cost is typical of most services that sell domains names.

As for web hosting, it’s probably not optional. Even if you plan on setting up an email address for your company without a full website attached, you’ll need some way to host that email account. Web hosts start around $10 per month and can go as high as $150 per month or more depending on your business needs. Some free services exist for basic websites, but they usually come with limitations. Tagline Infotech is a best website development company in the USA.

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