Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking of You?

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Twin Flame

Twin Flame You may have heard this word many times, but what exactly does it mean? A twin flame refers to a “replica of you.” This is a heartbreaking and impressive form of love. Your twin flame discovers a new you, and it’s almost as if they know you much better than you.

This relationship makes you aware of life in a new way. You see things from a different perspective and start participating in activities that you are normally actively afraid of. Your twin lover can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Often times, their emotions flare up when they are around, and their loving presence acts as the best healing medicine.

Changed Perspective

At first, you may not feel the connection to your twin flame, but over time it happens. The connection becomes strong when a challenging event occurs. At first you are confident in your point of view, but the situation is alarming when you need to change your perspective because a sense of doubt arises. There is no going back at this stage and you are drawn to your twin flame.

Free but connected Spirits

When you are together, do not hesitate to communicate anything. Even though you just met, you can feel a free spirit. You can communicate honestly with him / her without holding back or fear that someone will understand her feelings and thoughts before saying them out loud. This is due to the connection of a being.


The Universe always sends symbols and signs full of coincidences that are connected to your twin flame, and these symbols remind you of that person. These symbols can be in the form of a song that the two of you have heard together. You will think of the person once you hear that song, and this is a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you. These signs should be taken seriously as they can tell you where you need to be in a relationship.

The Energy

You will always feel the energy of your twin flames, even if they are not present, because their power is different for you than it is for anyone else. Usually people get confused with the energies around them, but their 717 twin flame energy is so vibrant and strong that it is not a problem to distinguish it from the energies of other people.

Sometimes you have visions of them. For example, standing in front of you, talking to you about something or guiding you. These feelings are most sensitive before going to sleep or when consciousness slowly quiets down. Some may feel joyful in the presence of their twin flame energy.

Other symptoms include a feeling of warmth in the area around the heart, abdomen, as if someone is holding, touching, or kissing your lips or cheek. In pain, the twin flame energy tries to comfort the soul by causing the person to fall asleep, as this gives energy to the soul.

What does the conflict between Twin Flames mean?

Some points are true in this material world, believe it or not in the astral world. For example, when we are deeply connected with someone, we are magnetically drawn to that person and that person puts it in our mind. We can even find people talking about that person and their relationship.

Conflicts are the parts of the true twin flame relationship, and understanding about breakup, struggle, and reconciliation reveals purpose.

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In the beginning, you break up or end because you don’t want to face the challenges that lie ahead. When they are bad for each other, they reflect negative qualities. In this case, it is better to separate for individual growth that leads to self-improvement.

This phase can act as a time of purification and this gives you the opportunity to refine yourself and be a harmonious human being. You will surely find yourself because you are a soul, and it is about fate.

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