Why People Prefer to Buy Products in Cardboard Rigid Boxes

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Rigid Boxes

The custom packaging box design consists of high-quality raw materials such as cardboard and Kraft boxes, which ensures maximum strength. The interior is often covered with a laminate and protective coating that protects the fragile product from moisture and other impacts. Finding the right rigid boxes design may seem difficult, but it isn’t: you don’t have to think outside the box, because sometimes the most interesting designs come from simple patterns. If you print some attractive graphics on a smooth texture, your product will be attractive to potential customers. You can also integrate it with features like windows, handles, UV coating, stamping and glossy lamination for better results.

This design has no environmental impact as it is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly. The design process is all about finding inspiration. Each cereal item has its specifications and requires a packaging solution that truly meets its needs. For now, we will limit ourselves to packaging design. We bring you some expert tips that will revolutionize the functionality and look of your box.

Use Unique and High-Quality Material for Boxes

Using exclusive ingredients is a great way to build your brand and win awards for your products. While there are many material options, limit your approach to eco-friendly materials as they are non-toxic and do not contain allergens. Kraft or cardboard, both are recyclable and do not react to sensitive foods. They ensure product quality and create a constructive brand impression, which is essential to business success. So choose these materials for your personal rigid packaging box design.

Print Important Information on Custom Boxes

A personalized rigid box print design that doesn’t care about essential nutritional information is sure to lag behind the rest. Nutritional value is important for customers because they may have health problems. Print the sugar content, fat amount, calorie count and vitamin amount on the box. Printing out such details helps customers make informed decisions that they value more than anything else. It’s also important to emphasize basic brand knowledge in the form of a logo, company name and address. Such printed rigid packaging box designs encourage customers to make quick purchases.

Select Engaging Colors on Custom Boxes

Color is the most important visual identity that makes custom packaging attractive. Choosing any color combination will not add aesthetic appeal to your packaging, on the contrary, it has the opposite effect. The higher bandwidth and higher wavelength umbrella do a better job of attracting first-of-its-kind customers. According to recent research, green, yellow, blue, and red have a strong visual impact. If your brand theme matches one of these colors, go for it and combine it with a light color. This creates the perfect contrast that makes the packaging design look very elegant.

Incorporate Die-Cut Windows

Introducing the transparency factor into your designs is one of the best magnetic closure box ideas. Visitors usually don’t want to enjoy the tedious process of opening each box to see the product. Transparent windows made of PVC panels on the front are a good idea for a comfortable feel. It provides a unique overview of the article without distraction or misdirection. For more creativity, you can design windows with different patterns that appeal to the target audience.

Use Graphics with Minimal Designing

The only custom rigid packaging box design that will never go out of style is the use of pictures and graphics. In the past, you could get away with an anxious and busy image, but now customers don’t appreciate that. Imagine seeing a blurry or poor quality image on a box. When you look at it, can you tell the purpose of the product? Customers are always looking for experiences that can only be realized with a simple design. Graphics are simple, not busy, look attractive to viewers, so think wisely.

Do Not Compromise the Size

Customers never appreciate a fragile product that comes in several large or small packages. One size fits all will not work in the market, no matter how precise the box design is. For perfect results, determine the size of the rigid packaging box template, taking into account the size of the product. Design the box with the one-inch rule so that you can soften some delicate that require an extra layer. Choosing the right size ensures that the quality of the product will not be compromised and will look good.

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Cater the Touch Impacts on Custom Boxes

Custom rigid packaging boxes say a lot about product quality and brand image. You’ve probably spent hours thinking about the right visuals for a box design. Undoubtedly, they are very important, but it makes no sense to ignore the customer’s touch. Once you are impressed with the visual appearance of the box, touch it with your hand. The right approach here is to use some textured layers on the outside of the pack to make it impressive.

Introduce Handling Mechanisms for Safety

Design is probably the most important factor you don’t want to overlook when designing your box. It is the assessor for future purchases from customers with your brand. If you can make it memorable, there’s no point in the buyer ignoring you. Work on adding a handle with a smooth grip to the lid of the package for maximum comfort for the customer. You can also punch holes in the cover so that the manipulator doesn’t have a negative experience.

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