Did You Always The Dream of Becoming An IAS officer?

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IAS officer

When I finished my class 10th, I got good scores for Maths along with science the norm was to follow the science stream in the class of 11th and join IAS Coaching in Delhi .

As I am already the student of EDEN-IAS-Core-Batch i.e., UTKARSH (Foundation Batch), so I think I am the right person to talk about, that it is worth joining or not.

My personal experience is, it is worth joining. There are various reasons for saying the same:

  • Most important point about its UTKARSH Course is, the Teacher involved in the programme like Roy Sir, Deepak Sir etc.
  • The beauty of the course is Daily Writing Practice and Daily Prelims Practice, which you get as a home work.
  • Daily Evaluation of the given home work.
  • The institute is very serious for its student as Students get personal calls too from the institute side, that if student is satisfied with the classes or not.
  • Easy accessibility of the teachers one to one sessions for doubt solving.
  • Last but not least value for money.

As I entered the 11th grade, I was completely absorbed by the members of a group who is less focused on studying and more focused on enjoying themselves and relaxing (it’s actually the stage when hormonal changes occur within our bodies).

However, I was able to pass class 12 with flying colours.

With no idea of the best course to do, they advised to prepare for JEE

The year was a drop; however, it was a failure on JEE MEINS by itself.

My life has been transformed over the last three years.

And then, under the pressure of proving my place in the class of scholars and to regain the confidence I took a CA course. I also was enrolled in B.Com as a graduate in my home town University

I scored 94/200 on the CA foundation on my first attempt (I missed 6 marks)

On the second attempt I Cleared CA foundation with scores of 147/200 by doing 8-10 hours of study per week for three months.

Before the final results arrived, I was about to enter my final term in BCom graduation. As I changed over my time at university, I realized that Commerce was not my passion and my true passion was social service.

I was more interested in learning about and understanding the inner workings of the society, the political system the nitty-gritty of governance, etc rather than learning the basics of Taxation, Finance etc.

I’ve made my decision. I’m going to do something that will make me part of the government by which I can contribute for a social cause.

So, the moment I completed my GREED, I quit CA and I joined EDEN IAS coaching in New Delhi for 3 Years IAS foundation Course.

Due to my passion for Polity, I chose the field of political science as an Optional for the Mains.

While when I arrived in Delhi, I considered pursuing masters in Pol science at JNU. I attended the interview but was again unable to pass by four marks

I completed my masters in pol science together with CSE preparation at my state university at the same time.

In the past few years, during the preparation for UPSC I have made two attempts to CSE until now.

First attempt: with a bare information, I failed badly in CSE preliminary exam.

Second attempt (2021) 2. With hard training, I was able get through GS exam 1 (scored 95-97 on various coaching institutes’ answer keys) but because of my own negligence, I failed to clear the paper 2(CSAT) by 1 or 2 marks.

Training For The Forthcoming Attempt on June 5, 2022.

Overall, the idea of becoming an IAS officer was not my dream in my youth. It came to my life while I was at my graduation. I realized that my main interest is helping the community which is why UPSC CSE is the way to go about it.

Whatever the outcome in CSE the one thing I’ve realized is that I enjoy reading about polity, social issues, international relationships, legislation, and other acts.

As I get older and becoming financially burdened by my parents, the pressure is increasing for me to secure a back-up plan with CSE particularly when you reach 25.

UPSC CSE can be unpredictable and is a dangerous affair. And if you’re from General Category, you need to work harder, push harder.

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I had previous experience in Law and Commerce through B.Com and CA I took the Delhi University Entrance Test (DUET) for three-year LLB course at the Faculty of Law as a backup

We are waiting for the results (anxious yet eager to be a part of the prestigious Faculty of law that has a history that has produced some of the top advocates and judges in this nation).

I will keep working on my CSE preparation, along with LLB.

This is the UPSC journey that wasn’t on my account until I had completed the requirements for graduation.

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