Ways to Acquire Income as a YouTuber

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Youtube Partner Program

YouTube is a video-sharing website where users can upload videos, watch them in real-time, comment on them and share the video with friends. A successful YouTuber needs to know how to be creative in making their videos come alive for viewers not just by being funny but by being true to your content.

Many people dream of becoming successful YouTubers, but can’t find the recipe to be one. If you want to be a YouTuber, chances are you want to make the most money as possible with your videos. While this may seem like an impossible task, it’s actually easier than you think! In this article we’ll go over different ways that will help ensure that your YouTube channel is generating revenue and not just views.

Youtube Partner Program

The first step in making money from YouTube requires that you have an account with Google’s Partner program. Without this, YouTube will not allow third-party ads on your videos, since they cannot verify if the ad material belongs to the content creator or not.  This usually leads to either no ads being played at all during your video or inaccurate ads being shown over your content, leading to decreased revenue.

Before you become a YouTube partner here are some basic things you should know when you plan to produce content and still have income.

Create a Channel on YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel is a wide arena that includes different factors. By building your own brand and content, you start to dive into the works of being a content creator. So here are things you might want to know to build your brand and eventually earn from it.

  1. Make sure you have good lighting, sound, and camera equipment because viewers take the quality of your videos into account you must make sure that you are covered in terms of the technicalities of producing content. Therefore, to have good lighting, sound and video means to gain viewers which also leads to gaining income.
  2. Be consistent with uploading videos once you’ve gained consistent viewers, they would expect that you’ll keep content coming thus, momentum is important. Gaining viewers also mean that other people will start to recognize your videos which is why it’s just rational to continue producing.
  3. Use tags to increase the number of people who view your video to have more new viewers that will be interested in your content. This way, your target audience is not confided in just one age group or nationality. You have to slowly but surely tap other audiences.
  4. Use links in the description for related products or services that can be purchased through an affiliate program this way, other brands can see you as a potential partner. Being able to partner with other brands, whether small or large businesses, can still benefit you as a creator. Others give you free stuff while others pay you monetarily. It usually depends on how big your deal is with the other brand.
  5. Partner with other YouTubers who have similar audiences as you do to cross-promote content and increase views/subscribers/likes. This move does not only give you exposure but lets you build relationships with other creators that can help you reach a different brand or help you succeed in a milestone.
  6. Promote your videos on Google ads, which can help them reach a wider audience. This is what you call inorganic marketing. Others, find it insincere but it really boils down to how you use these resources wisely. Just make sure that doing this also costs money you may never gain back.

Now, once you’ve built a following, it is wise to start branching out from YouTube but not leaving. YouTube is a place where creators learn more about themselves and let them experiment in other areas such as selling merch or even opening their own small businesses. Not to forget, this is where you met your audience. This allows you to:

Sell Your Own Products on Your Website

Now that you have a credible brand and a good amount of followers, you can start to monetize other passion projects such as selling your own coffee like Emma Chamberlain or selling your paintings. This is a long list. The main point is, be wise with your next move at the same time taking care still of your channel.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Promote products from other companies and earn commissions when someone buys something through your link. This is a great way to generate additional revenue on top of your YouTube channel earnings. You can find affiliate programs by searching Google for ‘affiliate program’ and the name of whatever it is you’re interested in promoting (i.e., gaming chair, video game controller). You’ll want to make sure that whatever product/service you promote is relevant to your channel because otherwise you probably won’t generate enough sales or interest in the program.

Earn Money Directly From Your Fans and Supporters

Consider using Patreon or a similar crowdfunding platform to directly sell your content/products in exchange for monthly contributions. Patreon is a great way to generate revenue and create long-term partnerships with fans, supporters, or clients that want access to specific types of videos on your channel. Patreon allows fans and other viewers to donate small amounts on a monthly basis in exchange for rewards, such as early access or shout-outs during live streams.

Brand Deals

These can be the hardest but most rewarding type of deal that you’ll find yourself receiving throughout your time creating content online! The best thing about brand deals is that they’re usually long-term which means more consistent paychecks coming into your account each month. These payments come from companies who want you to create YouTube ads or promote their product/services (make sure it’s relevant though!)

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The main point in earning in YouTube is being 100% sure of your brand. This will help you curate your channel in ways that are unique for you. The aspects mentioned above are just the basics of what you can do but at the end of it all, you must stay true to what you are passionate to create and the rest will follow. Being a YouTuber is hard work and building authentic relationships with co-creators and your viewers. Thus, focus on that until people recognize your work.

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