Top Most Expensive Precious Stone In The World

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Expensive Precious Stone

Top Most Expensive Precious Stone

Precious stones are magnificent and unique gemstones that are known for their charm, strength, and rarity because wealthy people and royalty have prized them for ages, and they continue to hold a high value in the modern world. However, a few gemstones stand apart as the costliest because of their scarcity, quality, and popularity. So in this write-up, we get to know about some of the most expensive precious stones In the World.

Let us Know in Detail About the Most Expensive Precious Stones


Tanzanite is considerably a new gemstone that was come across in 1967 in Tanzania. It is prized for its intense color and rarity, and it is a blue-to-violet variety of the mineral zoisite, as it is found just in a small mining area in Tanzania, making it one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Stones that exhibit a deep, saturated blue color with no hint of violet or grey are the most precious gemstones. However, due to increased demand and a limited supply, tanzanite’s price has risen in recent years, it is also believed that this purple beauty helps to eliminate skin disorders, speeding up recovery after illness and detoxifying the body. Furthermore, this stone is considered a December birthstone that marks the qualities of good luck & prosperity.

Black Opal

Black Opal is found mainly in Australia, and it is valued for its scarcity and elegant beauty; black opal is a type of gemstone that has a dark body color, which enhances the play of color in the stone, colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet a full spectrum of colors is exhibited by the most valuable black opals. They can fetch tens of thousands of dollars per carat and are frequently used in high-end jewelry. For a person who was born in October, Black Opal is the best stone for them because it helps in purifying the body and soul and can help strengthen the immune system. 


Emerald is one of the most precious and expensive gemstones in the world that have been admired for a long time for its distinctive green color and grandeur. They are typically found in Brazil, Zambia, and Colombia as they are a kind of mineral beryl. Lubricants and resins are frequently used to increase their transparency and appearance, as the most precious emeralds are the ones that have a deep, rich green color and no sign of blue or yellow patches. Emerald is the birthstone for May folks as it helps in treating disorders of the heart, lungs & spine; it also gives relief in diabetes. In addition, it is believed that this green beauty promotes friendship, peace & harmony, provides inspiration, patience, and balance, and helps calm emotions. Also, read – How to Choose a Beautiful Emerald Engagement Ring?


Ruby is a kind of gem that is valued for its deep red color and uniqueness. They are mostly discovered in Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka and are also available in lesser quantities in other nations. The Ruby, which shows a deep intense red color with no hint of purple or brown, is the most precious. They are often treated with heat to improve their color and clarity. This alluring red crystal is the birthstone of July that helps recharge the energy level, which color ranges from light pink to intense red. This stone is also suitable for removing negative energies and helps in healing the reproductive system. 


Diamonds are the most well-known and valuable stones out of all the precious stones. For centuries it was used in jewelry as they have been cherished for their brilliance, durability, and rarity. Diamonds are found in a wide range of colors, which includes white, yellow, and green, while pink and blue are the rarest. The most precious diamonds are those that display a high standard of clarity, colorlessness, and a well-cut, symmetrical shape. This dazzling and most expensive crystal is the birthstone of April and is mainly believed to increase strength, health, intelligence & elegance of mind, and overall appearance.  


In conclusion, we get to know that the top most expensive precious stone are tanzanite, black opal, emerald, Ruby, and diamond. Each of these stones is prized for its rarity, beauty, and durability and can edict prices of tens of thousands of dollars per carat or more. While the cost of these stones can fluctuate based on supply and demand, they will always be highly desired by collectors and enthusiasts alike.  

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