Explore these 7 Amazing Benefits of Variscite Jewelry

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Variscite Jewelry

Benefits of Variscite Jewelry

A relatively rare as well as lesser known gemstone, variscite jewelry is indeed one of the most underrated gemstone jewelry option in the gemstone jewelry market. Belonging to the phosphate mineral group, it is famous for its alluring and beautiful green color which lends a distinctive and unique appearance to exquisite variscite jewelry. And that’s of the major factor why versacite jewelry is extensively used in making gemstone jewelry.

And it’s main eye-captivating factor is of course its alluring appearance which is highlighted in the most charming and glamorous way when given a cabochon shape or beads. Although quite popular for its ornamental value, variscite is mostly used for making earrings, necklaces, bracelets and variscite ring.

Talking about its overall durability and stability, variscite jewelry falls short of this benchmark, as it have a mere hardness level of 4-5.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. However, if looked-after properly with thorough care and concern, then variscite jewelry can lend a timeless and unparalleled elegance.

All you need to ensure to keep it away from those hard and rough surfaces which could potentially cause damage or scratches to the delicate and soft surface of variscite.

This makes it a more viable option for carving out for that glittering pair variscite earrings, and that sizzling and stupendous variscite bracelet.

The name “variscite” has been taken from the Latin phrase “Variscia”, that refers to the ancient name of the Vogtland region that is situated in Germany. And co-incidentally, variscite was first identified in the city of Germany. Besides, this rare and mystical gemstone can also be found in the mines of United States, Australia, as well as Brazil and Poland.

Let’s Explore 7 Benefits of Adorning Yourself with Variscite Jewelry

It Lends Timeless and Quivering Beauty and Elegance

Well, the overall beauty of variscite jewelry is mostly influenced by its unique as well as highly vibrant green color. Further, this amazing and marvelous green hue can range from being utterly soft and soothing green to a much deeper and rich emerald hue that indeed glow up the eyes of the wearer.

The rich and adorable green hue of variscite jewelry is often reminiscent of lush green forests or serene landscapes. Because of this perception that jewelry lovers globally have formed around variscite jewelry, this greenish gemstone is considered to be an epitome of peace, serenity as well as tranquility. Furthermore, this amazing and natural green coloration is well complimented with a smooth and well-polished surface, that dramatically lends its luster, thereby giving a highly shimmering and shining glow to the charm and personality of the wearer.

Variscite Jewelry is a highly Versatile Gemstone Jewelry Option

From that highly charming and gleaming ethnic attire to that classy and cozy stylish party attire, variscite jewelry goes out the most perfect and mundane way.

The gentle and soothing colors of variscite are tend to be highly versatile and astounding. Due to the richness of this green color, variscite can be paired with various precious stones like the traditional yellow gold, sterling silver jewelry, as well with the most precious and high-quality diamonds.

Further, this beauty can be blended with pendants, necklaces, rings as well as bracelets, that provide a myriad of options to wearer.

Wearing variscite jewellery can serve as a conversation starter and add a touch of natural beauty to an outfit. This is because variscite is a gemstone that may arouse interest in its unusual qualities and origins. Variscite jewellery is beautiful because of its particular green hue, fascinating designs, and capacity to generate feelings of tranquilly and awe in people.

It Enhances The Foundation of Relationships

If you think that day-by-day, you are losing that sense of affection and love with your partner, then it’s the best time you adorn yourself with variscite jewelry, that is often regarded as the chakra jewelry associated with the heart chakra.

By fostering the sense of affection, positivity, peace and love in the heart of the wearer, it leads to transparency, communication, love as well as mutual understanding that not only leads to a long-lasting bond, but also brings the couple on a mutual ground of understanding and thinking.

Also, it leads to harmony and positivity amidst the couples that improves the relationship as well as the quality of life of the couple.

Variscite Jewelry Emanates Calmness and Soothing Energy

The positive and grounding energy emanating out of variscite leads to a calm and composed mind that not only helps in quick decision making and lack of confusion, but also alleviates the mental suffering and fatigue caused by anxiety, depression, heart-break, as well as past guilt and traumas.

Variscite jewelry can also result in a sound emotional state in addition to mental clarity and a sound state of mind. Sapphire promotes happiness and peace of mind for the wearer by calming and centering the mind. Additionally, this lowers mental tension and anxiety levels, preventing the unintentional draining of mental energy and mental exhaustion.

What is often even more advantageous for the wearer is that he avoids experiencing an excessive adrenaline surge, which may frequently lead to reckless decisions that may force the wearer to experience guilt and regret in the future.

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