Things to Consider Prior To Buying A New Smartphone

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Most of us who decide to purchase the latest smartphone, are uncertain about the factors to look at and which ones to ignore. Today, on the market that you visit to purchase a phone, you can find phones ranging between Rs 5000 and 100K, or higher than 100K. Nowadays smartphones have become an essential element in our everyday lives.But most people search under the 40000 range mobile in pakistan.With each new smartphone we purchase, we anticipate to see more features. But, given the vast selection of smartphones on the market, it’s difficult to choose which one to pick. In this post, we’ll examine the most important things every user should consider before purchasing a new phone.

Things to Consider Prior to Purchasing A New Smartphone

Before purchasing an iPhone or looking into other features consider thinking about which kind of phone you require. If you plan to use your phone for making WhatsApp messages, surfing the web or posting content on social networks, only that you do not spend a large sum. However, if you’re an avid gamer looking for the most fluid and smooth gaming experience, or a top quality camera, it’s better to ignore the cost and instead focus on the features. It is up to you how you will use your device, and consequently select an Android phone.

Battery Life

It is not possible to keep your phone connected to the power source or charger bank all day. Therefore, it is helpful to consider how long the battery lasts on your phone. It’s among the primary things you should consider when buying the phone. The amount of battery used varies for each user since it is contingent on how each user utilizes the phone. If you are using your phone often for gaming, games with graphics, streaming videos and so on, then you ought to select a device with a battery of 4000mAh or more. If you’re an average or moderate user, a phone that has 3500mAh or even 3000mAh battery is good enough to last for all day. 6000 mah battery mobile price in pakistan should be more expensive than 4000mAh battery


Smartphones come with two types of memory: RAM and the ROM. RAM is what determines the speed of a smartphone as well as the number of applications that the phone can run in the background . The ROM storage is used to store both system and media files. It is often referred to as internal storage , where every app, photo video, files, and so on. are kept. This is why it is crucial to test the internal and RAM of the phone you plan to purchase. Be aware that you should go for a larger capacity (6GB of RAM or 8GB, and 128GB or 256GB storage) for an avid user. If not, 3/4GB RAM and 32/64GB ROM is sufficient for you. If you require additional storage, you could also make use of cloud storage later on to obtain an additional cloud storage option to store your large media files.


Cameras are now one of the most essential elements of any smartphone. Before you purchase a phone be sure to look over its camera capabilities like the number of cameras, aperture Size as well as the number of pixels, hybrid autofocus, optic stabilization and manual modes specific effects, the unique selfie feature and other features. Be aware that the greater number of megapixels doesn’t guarantee an impressive photo. Also, take a look at other features on the camera, such as ISO and aperture among other features. If you’re at a retail store you are able to try the camera in the store on your own and then decide for yourself.

Processors and Hardware

A processor acts as the central brain for every device. It controls all the performance and efficiency of the gadget. In terms of processors, you can find numerous terms like Dual-Core Octa-Core, Quad-Core, Snapdragon, Mediatek, and numerous others. Before purchasing a new phone be sure to check the processing speed which is described by the GHz (GigaHertz). The higher the number, the faster is the rate, and therefore the processor. You should also consider smartphones that are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors since they’re the top in their class and have more value for money and a higher performance ratio.


If you’re a gaming enthusiast and want to play games, you need the phone with a display that is at least 6.0 inches. Also, look for the latest trending high-refresh display. However, if you plan to use your smartphone mostly for WhatsApp or other social media sites and messaging, a smaller screen should be sufficient. There are 2 kinds of screens: AMOLED and LCD. They differ in the way they project light. Without going into excessive detail, you can opt for Full HD, FullHD+ resolution or QHD. Ideally, you should choose with a Full HD as well as a FullHDPlus display, if you enjoy watching Full HD 1080p video on YouTube or Netflix.

Operating System

You can select the operating system from Android as well as iOS. If you’ve chosen to go with Android there are several variations. Before purchasing a new phone be sure to verify for the Android version of the device. Android 9 Pie as well as Android 10 will be the most current versions. You should consider purchasing smartphones that run both of these Android versions, since they will continue to provide support for the software for the next 2 years, and also keep you current during this time.


Not last, the most important element to take into consideration is the cost of the phone. Consider your budget and the cost of the device, then look at the differences. Think About it, is it worth using your entire earnings or pocket money to purchase a phone? Be aware that the price of smartphones is always increasing in addition to the capabilities and features. In case you’re in a financial bind for buying your next smartphone, you can also get the most reliable price for your smartphone from Cashify Check out the top price right here. These are essential things to think about before purchasing an upgrade for your smartphone. Consider these aspects take a look at the details, and then make your decision. We hope you’ve discovered this article useful.

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