Progressive Growth and Regulation of Online Application Payments

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In 2020, the global pandemic has placed a huge impact on the ecommerce industry where most brick-and-mortar businesses have switched to the digital mode. COVID-19 has played a crucial role in reshaping the future of the online businesses as it has ardently pushed the society into the digitization.

The pandemic has made irreversible transformations in the digital world as more and more people have started relying on the online shopping. The recent advancements in technology that were supposed to be embraced 5 or more years have happened in less than one year.

The ecommerce business has taken a leap in the past year with the establishment of more online stores. The brick-and-mortar business owners have seen this pandemic as an opportunity to make their business grow.

This has led to an increased demand for the business mobile apps as everyone owns a smart phone these days. People spend most part of their day searching for the products and services on their mobile devices.

Therefore, many agencies have been offering mobile app development Company  in Dubai to take your business to a next level. During the pandemic, the increasing trend of online shopping has led to the digital modes of payment.

The ecommerce stores offer various payment methods including cash on delivery, PayPal, Apple Pay or credit or debit card payments etc. These preferred payment methods offered by the online stores allows more online shoppers to shop from their brand and helps in boosting their business.

It allows the ecommerce store owners to reach out to more potential customers across the globe with the localized and customized payment methods. According to the reports, it is estimated that 97% of all small and mid-sized businesses in the United Arab Emirates have incorporated digital technologies to meet the requirements of their customers in COVID-19.

The ecommerce industry will continue to grow in 2021 with the increasing current trend of online shopping across the globe. In this blog, you will learn about the progressive growth and regulation of online payments.

How Can You Make the Process of Payment Feasible for Your Online Shoppers?

  1. Offer a wide variety of payment methods

You have seen so many websites offering only single payment method which significantly reduces the number of online shoppers to their website. There are millions of online shoppers that visits a website in a single day from all over the world.

Most of these online consumers have various preferred modes of payments so it is not possible for all to opt for only a single payment method. According to stats, it is estimated that 56% of the online shoppers expect an extensive variety of payment methods at the checkout and abandon the cart if your website is not fulfilling their expectations.

It is not essential nor practical for a website to offer every mode of payment that’s why you need to look at the target audience to check which types of payment methods they prefer to use. It is better for a website to offers direct payments from bank and major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and Apple Pay etc.

  1. Allow the customers to pay without making an account

Truth be told, it shouldn’t be essential for the customers to sign up to an account to proceed in the checkout process and it also seems intrusive for the new customers which are visiting your website for the first time. It acts as a major conversation killer for your customers.

Most of the customers avoid signing up an email thinking that their inbox will be flooded with the promotional emails afterwards. When customers make purchases through the brick-and-mortar stores, they are not asked to sign up an account to make a payment. Try to avoid adding unnecessary fields in your payment process as it creates frustration among the customers.

The very same consumer behavior has been noticed in the online shopping when the customers are asked to sign up, get frustrated and abandon the cart. It is better to allow the shoppers to make payments without signing up an account or checkout as a guest customer.

  1. Provide a seamless web design

Your customers expect a seamless experience on your website. Web design plays a crucial role in the process of payment. Your web design and Application Development Servicesmust be easy to navigate and seamless to provide a high user interface on your website.

A simple checkout page makes it easier for the customers to finish their purchase. It also helps in building your brand recognition and a loyal customer base.

  1. Never redirect your customers

To make the payment process feasible on your website, avoid to redirect them away from your website to another page. Checkout is the last thing people do when they make a purchase and they expect a smooth checkout process on your website.

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Redirecting your customers to another webpage for checkout makes them skeptical about your brand especially when it comes to the online modes of payments. Make a good impression on your customer’s mind about your business with an easy checkout process.

Final Thoughts

The consumer behavior has changed to a significant extent in the past one year by switching to the digital mode of shopping and after the pandemic, this will become a permanent preference.

In 2020, the use of digital modes of payments has spiked with more people opting for the online shopping from the ecommerce stores. Offer a variety of payment methods to serve across the board customers from all over the world.

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