LED Digital Advertising Displays: Why Have They Become A Powerful Marketing Trend?

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LED Digital Advertising Displays

Advertisements are very useful and very important in promoting businesses, social endeavors and even media personalities. They are the tools used to introduce brands, events and advocacies, and to inform the public what they are about. Various advertising forms and instruments have been existing since then, including newspapers, flyers, tarpaulins, radio and TV commercials, but today, in the age of advanced technology, of course, advertisements have upgraded and modernized. What’s more, even those already present in the digital format have revolutionized. How and why? Take a look at LED digital advertising displays.  

What a change everyone living in this generation has seen! Ads today are everywhere! And by that, I do not simply mean that they are on TV, on the radio, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or in the middle of your free movie streaming online. What I mean is that ads nowadays are not anymore just inside your smartphones and TVs. You do not just meet them while you’re indoors or while you’re online. LED digital advertising displays are the freshest and most digitized sort of billboards and posters today, and they have definitely been making a difference! 

How do they look? LED digital advertising displays are LED screens that are rented by businesses and individuals to promote themselves or something or someone else. For sure, you have seen them more than once unless you’re a newborn baby. They’re found all over the town, and they’re the talk of the town!

But what’s their edge? Why are they so popular, so sought-after and so buzzworthy? Let’s keep discovering LED digital advertising displays. Keep reading, and find out why they have become a powerful marketing trend that doesn’t show any sign of failing anytime soon.   

1 – LED Digital Advertising Displays are Attention-Grabbing.

To boost the awareness of people towards the presence of brands, their attention and interest must be captured. This is one of the major and first few objectives whenever you’re doing advertisements. Your content must be a head-turner. Well, guess what? LED digital advertising displays are nothing less than that. 

As they are huge, vast and bright, there’s no denying how these LED screen ads are silently making noise in the advertising industry. They are eye-catching, so you’re sure not to miss their existence. The promotions are clearly lively and vivid. They are big, and even the smallest versions of LED digital advertising displays are attention-grabbing. 

2 – Different Types of Digital Content Can Be Placed on LED Screen Ads

There are a bunch of charms that LED digital advertising displays carry, and here’s another favorite of many creative agencies and marketing enthusiasts out there. Unlike other outdoor advertising mediums, these LED screens can bear different types of digital content. The opportunities of what you can exhibit using them are bursting! 

Be it photos, videos, music, slogans, posters, announcements and many more, they can be shown through LED digital advertising displays. Truly, this makes them so ideal for brand marketing. 

3 – They Can Be for Any Type of Business.

Some advertising avenues are specific to certain kinds of enterprise. They can only function effectively for businesses that fall under a certain category or industry. Similarly, some businesses are looking for unique ad styles not because they are picky, but because not all mediums suit their niche.

One of the best things about LED digital advertising displays is that they can be for any type of business – as in any! A restaurant? A clothes boutique? An entertainment company? An office cleaning service provider? A vulcanizing shop? A pet store? An educational institution? A creative agency? Whatever the business is, it can use LED screen ads! There’s no awkward or inappropriate feeling because LED digital advertising displays are flexible and feasible for all lines of work.     

4 – One LED Screen Can Contain Multiple Ads Shown One After Another

The roads are already too populated for ads to add to the daily congestion that stresses out people. But the good news is that LED digital advertising display exist. This cost-efficient and space-saving publicity tool responds amazingly as a single LED screen can contain multiple ads shown one after another. 

In one screen, multiple advertisers can run their campaigns. The display changes after every set time, which is often just a few seconds if the ads are many. Smart indeed because it saves space and money too. Furthermore, the displays move, and this is also one of the reasons why LED digital advertising displays cannot be easily ignored. Before you know it, your eyes are already on them.   

5 – With Wi-Fi, LED Digital Advertising Displays Can Be Run Remotely

Unlike traditional billboards, tarpaulins and posters, LED digital advertising display can be run remotely as long as there’s Wi-Fi connection. The operator or the creative agency handling them can activate, adjust and deactivate them anytime they need to. With access to the display software and to Wi-Fi, anybody can post their ads on these LED screens. It’s very convenient! 

6 – They are Strong, Requiring Only Low Maintenance.

You might be afraid that LED digital advertising displays are exposed to external elements and harsh weather conditions. That’s true, and it’s really worrying if you just imagine. But the positive news is that they are actually so tough and durable. 

Of course, they are created to be out in the open, so these LED screens are built and designed with protection and defense against anything that might harm them outdoors. They can hang tough against rains, winds, heat, snow and other forces of nature. This also infers they require only low maintenance. They last long – really, really, really long. With that, businessmen and advertisers can save money from repairs and replacements. 

7 – LED Digital Advertising Displays are All Over The City, Where People Are.

There are so many locations that LED screens can be positioned. That’s proven by the fact that they are all over the city. You can find them along roads, bus stops, inside train stations, malls and more! Scattered all across the country, LED digital advertising displays are surely a sight that many people are very familiar with because they are where the people are!     


LED digital advertising displays are ads that lead people to the discovery of what they promote and that lead businesses to greater opportunities and success! Their benefits are absolutely noteworthy, making them a leading advertising technique. Take note: That’s not just in outdoor advertising but in the industry as a whole. Wow. 

So if you are looking into a very effective way to let people know that your brand exists and  know more about your excellent quality, why not consider LED digital advertising? Especially if you have the budget for it, go for it. The returns will be worth it when you take advantage of one of the modern era’s strongest marketing mediums.      


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Orion Creative, a digital agency and design studio in Sydney, building greater possibilities for brands and businesses of all sorts.

Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts

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