AI Marketing: What, Why and How to use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

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AI Marketing

Many companies and their marketing departments are trying to make use of intelligent technology to pace up operational excellence and give a satisfactory experience to the customer. In this context, Incrementors Digital Marketing deserves special mention. It is a marketing company that firmly believes in converting innovative ideas into reality.

What is AI Marketing?

AI Marketing uses the customer’s data to the maximum advantage to predict the customer’s next step and thereby enhance his journey. AI provides the path to reduce the distance between data science and its application by filtering out enormous data.

It can understand the latest trends of the customers and then use them while constructing strategies in marketing. It helps the customers make smooth purchases by providing them with the necessary content they are looking for.

Why use AI in Marketing?

There are various reasons for using AI in Marketing to yield benefits, such as reducing risks, elevating speed, the more significant amount of customer satisfaction, increase in profit etc. 

  • AI helps make prompt decisions on how to channel funds in good media sources to attract customers.
  • AI provides personal messages to the customers and helps them re-engage with any brand they have abandoned.
  • Many companies face difficulty keeping track of the data produced by digital campaigns. AI helps to procure a clear picture of what is beneficial to be reproduced and promoted. Also, an Incrementors technical SEO expert will point out what is reducing the campaign’s pace so that the marketers can focus on those areas.
  • AI helps analyze data by using machine knowledge and comes to rapid conclusions based on the campaigns and needs of the customer. Based on the data received, AI allows marketers to make decisions as the campaign goes on. 

AI also helps identify the longevity of any product and the changes required in the product design.  

How to use AI in Marketing? 

AI-rich tools are used by marketing companies widely to survive in the rat race.

Customized Website experience–A visitor’s experience can be amplified with intelligent customization. By evaluation, the customer’s location, searches, and tools, AI can quickly provide the best offers suitable for the particular customer. Even the pop-up notifications received by a customer are the result of AI. All over, it will give an enriching experience.

Content generator – Machines generate content keeping in view revenues, annual reports, stock market, etc. The format of writing highly depends on the recipient’s interest. This will help create personal messages, email subjects, and also social-media content.

Chatbots–Chatbots use AI to recognize the individual’s needs and lead them to their desired end without much effort from the customer end. The usage of chatbots accelerated in recent times with Facebook launching its Messenger feature. Google also joined the bandwagon by launching the Google Assistant feature. Since then, numerous applications with chatbots have been found one after the other.

Predicting customer moves –AI-rich tools help figure out the ‘churn-stage’ of a customer. Customers who abandon the usage of services at an initial stage are more difficult to convince than those who have been using the services for a longer time. Hence, AI tools will take action based on the location. Activities include providing notifications, exciting offers or discounts, emails, etc., that can bring back the user’s lost interest.

Customer insights – AI helps portray relevant subject matter based on the way customers communicate and behave. Their interaction and patterns of behavior will be beneficial to decide which areas need enhancement and which ones need elimination.

Email curation – Specially curated emails can be sent to individual customers analyzing their area of interest based on their latest website visit, the duration of their stay, latest trends, etc. Emails assisted by AI can develop great interest among users.

Recognition of images automatically–The facial recognition feature adds to the personalization of content. This will help recognize how and what kind of purchase one makes, items that one might like, and on this basis, content would be created to trigger the customer’s interest. 

Price prediction– AI helps in forming a pricing policy. According to the demand, the pricing can be raised or dropped. Customers’ browsing history or activities are scanned, and then pricing is made. The more the market, the higher the price will be. For example, applications providing ride services usually raise their price when there is greater demand. Similarly, when the order is low, costs also go down.


AI has immense capability in bringing about change in the framework of the marketing companies. Tasks that can be easily accomplished are prone to replacement by AI; for example, the duration of the advertisements can be easily handled by AI without much human interference. In the marketing field, AI creates opportunities and brings about a massive change in people’s engagement with technology, applications, brands, etc.

For instance, technical SEO services enhance websites for a satisfactory experience by the user. Here, the technical SEO expert covers a range of undertakings related to eradicating errors that can lead to losses and bring about transitions that can bring success. In days to come, employers will look for marketers with coding, programming, and pattern identification skills to work smoothly with AI-powered technologies.

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