How to Easily Import PST file to Gmail email on Mac OS

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import PST file to Gmail

MS Outlook stores the data in PST format also known as Personal Storage Table. PST files are only supported by Outlook for windows. It is generally used to store emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. PST documents are incorporated with smart privacy and security features and offer superior customizable options. It is an online storage file format and open source file format in which the data is systematically stored. These files are not supported on Mac and that’s why users want to import PST file to Gmail on Mac.

Gmail is one of the most admired and in-demand email service. It is a webmail service offered by Google for email communication. Gmail is widely supported on any OS in application version or web version. It is a free email service enclosed with multiple customizable options and security features.

In this article, we will discuss how to import Outlook PST to Gmail on Mac easily. And also elaborate on why it is necessary to migrate PST files to Gmail.

What are the Reasons to Import PST file to Gmail on Mac?

As we all know, Gmail is the most preferred and authentic way of email communication. Users can easily manage multiple Gmail accounts by configuring them with each other. Gmail uses filters and labels to well organize emails in your inbox. Here below we have mentioned more reasons to migrate Outlook PST to Gmail on Mac.

  • Gmail automatically encrypts the message in transit using Transport Layer Security.
  • Users can migrate Outlook to Gmail on Mac if they want to switch email clients.
  • Gmail is advanced and presents an extensive variety of customizable capabilities to its users.
  • If you import PST file to Gmail then it is possible to adjust compose window as large as you want it to be.
  • Users have to purchase the licensed version of Outlook to make use of all features after 30 days free trial.
  • It is easy to recover Gmail account by just using your phone number or recovery email ID.

These are the circumstances in which a user needs to migrate emails from Outlook to Gmail. Now, we will discuss the methods that can be implemented to convert PST files to Gmail email on Mac.

Manual Method to Import PST file to Gmail on Mac

It is suggested to always choose a professional Outlook PST Converter Tool for Mac to convert PST to Gmail on Mac. Because any wrong process to migrate Outlook PST to Mac Gmail would possibly cause data loss or corruption. But still, some users prefer to go with the manual method. 

So we have discussed the manual procedure to import Outlook PST to Gmail on Mac below.

Step 1: Configure your Gmail Account Setting

  • Open Gmail email on Mac and sign in with login credentials.
  • Click on the Setting icon and tap See all settings.
  • Choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP option from the menu to import PST file to Gmail on Mac.
  • Check the Enable IMAP option in the IMAP Access section if not marked and click on Save changes.
  • Now, click on Turn on for less secure apps in the security section of your Google account.

Step 2: Set up a Gmail account in Outlook

  • To migrate Outlook to Gmail on Mac, launch MS Outlook and sign in.
  • Click on Outlook in the Mac menu and select the Preference option.
  • Choose the Accounts option in Personal Setting and press the add button to add a new account.
  • Now enter your Gmail ID and click the continue button to import PST file to Gmail on Mac.
  • Select Gmail in choose the provider option and click on the allow button.

By successfully following these steps hope you understood how to import PST file to Gmail without Outlook on Mac. But as we all know that the manual process is quite tricky. It has some limitations due to which it is not able to deliver optimum results.

Manual Method Limitations to Migrate Outlook to Gmail on Mac

Users might face various complications while proceeding with the manual technique to convert Outlook PST to Gmail on Mac. The manual method is not found to be the best and most suitable solution to import PST file to Gmail on Mac. It is a little complicated approach and might be difficult to use by non-technical users.

  • The manual method is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process.
  • Users are required to have good technical knowledge before going with manual techniques.
  • Any inaccuracy in performing the steps might cause complete failure of the process.
  • It is not possible to eliminate duplicate emails while migrating PST to Gmail.

The manual procedure to migrate emails from Outlook to Gmail on Mac is not a reliable solution. So, it is recommended by many professionals to go with an automated Mac Outlook PST Converter Tool. It can risk-free convert PST to Gmail on Mac and forbid the consequences of the manual solution. Users can bulk import large PST files to Gmail without any data alteration by eliminating duplicate emails. An automated solution also provides an option to convert only selected items with high data security and accuracy.

If you are having PST files on Mac that are too large in size. You can easily split them into multiple small PST files by using an advanced PST splitter tool for Mac. By splitting large PST files, you can prevent the data from corruption. It also enhances the workflow in Outlook and upgrades the searching process. Users can set the desired size of the resultant split PST file and also encrypt them with the password.


In this article, it has been told that there are two methods to import PST file to Gmail on Mac. The manual method is lengthy and requires a lot of effort. It is not the best-fit solution for novice users. It is suggested two go with a professional method to overwhelm the various constraints of the manual solution. A professional Outlook PST Converter Tool for Mac is the most recommended and used solution. Users can quickly and easily migrate PST files to Gmail on Mac without any alteration by maintaining high data security.

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