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Apps like Gojek are the way to make easy and quick money. And if you want to know how you can generate unstoppable Revenues, then you’ve landed at the right Blog Page! 


Startups generating Profits are counted in the list of ‘Successful Businesses’. To become one of them, Entrepreneurs have to ensure that they have a steady inflow of cash. This INFLOW of income relies heavily on your Revenue System or the Business Models! And, as one of the spectators of Successful Business Owners of Gojek Clone Apps, I can say that the money rains in here! 

The two steady streams of generating Revenue with this App are: 

  1. Commission-Based Model where the Service Provider has to pay ‘Commission’ to the App Owner on every Single Service. 
  2. Subscription Plans where the Service Provider makes a One-Time-Payment and liberates them from paying Commission.  


The App Owner can choose only one of these two models for their App. This can be tough, but read this section for quick decision-making.

Earn Commission-Per-Service 

The App Owner is the King. He decides the Commission Rate of each and every genre of service offered on the App. In other words, the Commission Rate will be different for every On-Demand Service that gets rendered via the App. For Instance, 

  • Taxi Ride: A Taxi Driver like Mr. Stanley needs to pay a 10% Commission of the Revenue Generated per Ride to the App Owner.

Ride 1: Mr. Stanley gets US$42.70 paid in Cash. Thus, now he has to pay 10% Commission on this amount, that is, UD$4.270 to the App Owner via Direct Bank Transfer or the In-App Wallet.

Ride 2: He gets paid UD$54.10 Online via a Credit Card. This amount goes straight to the App Owner’s Bank Account as it was an Online Transaction. And then, only after deducting the Commission of US$5.410, the App Owner will transfer the money to Mr. Stanley’s Bank Account or the In-App Wallet. 

  • Grocery Delivery: Fareway Meat & Grocery has one of its joints at 3033 S 84th St, Lincoln, NE, USA. According to the Contractual Agreement, the Grocery Store Owner has to pay a 12% Commission to the App Owner on every Delivery that his Store makes.

On 7th January at 11:30 ET, Fareway Meat & Grocery got a Delivery Order from South & 80th Street. The Total Billing Amount that the Customer paid through their Credit Card was US$96.756. This Amount went straight to the App Owner’s Account. Here’s the Payment Breakup: 

SubTotal = US$86

Packaging Charge = US$1

Tax @10% = US$8.7

Total Billing Amount = US$95.7

Thus, now the Store Owner’s Account will be credited with US$ 84.216, after a deduction of 12% Commission. 

Subscription Plans 

Subscription Plans are curated by the App Owner only! Along with the Name, Validity Period, and its Specific Features, the Price of the Plan is also designed by the App Owner. These Plans are usually, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Annual. With the Purchase of any one of these Plans, the Service Provider bids goodbye to Paying Commission on every Service rendered through the App. However, the Plans come with an Expiration Date! Let’s see how the entire thing works – 

Aura Therapy Spa has opened a Franchise with Gojek Clone Apps. All the 32 Professionals of the Spa have Registered themselves on the App.  

Valerie is a Shiatsu Body Massage Therapy expert and she works for Aura Spa. She has bought a monthly Subscription Plan for US$299. On the 5th of January, she realizes that she isn’t receiving any Service Requests. Well, out of anxiety she opens the App and checks the In-App Notifications. Valerie then sees that she has missed out on Plan Renewal reminders for 3 days straight! Her monthly plan expired on 3rd January 2022. All this mess happened because she was busy planning her Brother’s Wedding!

However, now she has upgraded her Plan to Half-Yearly by making a One-Time-Payment of US$799. Good News is that, within 10 minutes of Renewing the Plan, she got a Service Request from one of her loyal customers! 


Did you understand how the two business models work in favor of your bank balance? If yes, then you know that this is the best thing that can happen to you. 

Launch your very own Gojek Clone App. Call up or request for a call back from a white-Labeling Firm with at least a Decade of Industry Experience in launching such App every day. 

Grab this Revenue Generation Opportunity now!

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