ABC of Web App Development for Entrepreneurs

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Due to the pandemic CoVID-19 that was triggered in early 2020, technology has advanced at an unimaginable speed. Nearly every entrepreneur would like to develop an online application for their company. The year 2020 saw an increase of 67% year-on-year in web and mobile app downloads. There were more than 218 billion downloaded. Thus, Web app development is now a necessity for all companies.

Yet many entrepreneurs don’t know where to start this journey?

So, we’ve written this article specifically for you.

Instead of fretting about the best company to choose to develop your web-based app process, instead, start by defining the idea of what your app will look similar to It should be based on your idea I.e. your IDEA.

When you’ve got the concept, there are 6 factors to be considered when creating a web-based application.

Let’s Discuss These in-depth in This Article:

Cost of Developing an Online Application:

This is an important costing measure. The large amount of screens within a web application can create unnecessary complications for users. It is therefore recommended to limit your screens for developing web-based applications down to a minimum. Instead of having just one screen per feature consider mixing or feeding the data into fewer screens.

As screen size increase the price of creating the app overall increases as well!

Features and Functionality:

The quality of any internet application is determined by the features it offers and the performance it provides. However, it is essential be aware that the greater number of features you include the more money you invest.

Some of the most essential characteristics in web-based applications include:

* User Login/Registration: This could be done through mail, Facebook, phone number, Google account.

*Search“: The user is able to look up items or information in the application.

*Push notifications: This could be through built-in app notifications such as SMS or warnings. They play an important part in ensuring that users are engaged and are based on your app’s intended users.

* In-App Pay: In-app transactions made with credit debit cards PayPal, Google Wallet, or even cash guarantee all transactions are secure and secure.

* Locator Tracking Useful to locate the device using GPS.

* Live video/audio streaming: This is a complicated feature to be added It has a variety of server settings and settings. configuration files, formats for files, and many more features which need to be put into place.

*QR codes: To easy to contain information to be used as the purpose of a locator, identifier or tracker, which points to a specific website or app.

Target Audience:

Determine who your intended public is. It helps you determine the app’s features.

Information like demographics as well as interests, goals and issues are ignored by many people. This results in them a great web application.

App Monetization:

In relation to the monetization of web-based applications there exist five (5) broad categories:

* Freemium applications The apps can be downloaded for free but with specific features and content restricted to users, they can only gain access to them after buying.

* Paid apps: You must purchase the app through the app store to access it.

* In-app purchases – These applications permit payments to be made using credit debit cards PayPal, Google Wallet or even cash, to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure.

Subscriptions are similar to freemium applications however, they offer the benefit of recurring streams of income.

* In-app ads are the most straightforward model because there is no cost-per-click to the end-user.

Each has its advantages and drawbacks. You are able to easily alter your mind later, however it is important to be aware of the different options in place before you begin the development of your app for the web.

App Optimizing Store:

Optimizing the app store is crucial to the accessibility of the app on apps stores. Here are some most important aspects to consider:

* Name of the app Names should be simple to pronounce and spell distinctive, distinctive, and unique.

* Icon: Try not to use excessive details, instead, stick with a simple idea.

* Description: Your primary concentration should be in the initial three lines, which highlight the most important elements and include an action call.

*Preview” video: Short and direct to the point with a clear and universal message that works in any language.

Who Will Develop The App?

The development of web applications is a significant investment. One must select the developer wisely, whether you select an individual freelancer or an enterprise that is aware of how difficult the process becomes. Each one has advantages and disadvantages.

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*Freelancers: Freelancers could certainly create web-based applications comparable to those developed by professional companies at a lower cost. The only drawback of employing freelancers is that there could be a need to search for developers, designers, and testers on their own.

*Create an in-house IT Department: This approach has two advantages. The first is that the member of your team who is in-house is knowledgeable of the business. Additionally, as that they’re part and parcel of your business they have a stake in the end result. Furthermore, when you hire an internal team, miscommunication and lack of understanding are lessened since they can communicate directly.

*Outsource to a Software Development Firm: The hiring of a web app development firm is an option for a lot of companies. In the first place, you gain access to the expertise of experts as well as are in complete control of the project’s scope and budget. They also have software for project management and development which means you don’t need to be concerned about frameworks, language, and the like. A reputable web app development company will have an experienced staff with full-time jobs,

The timeline, the paperwork will be in order for your idea to transform into a fantastic application.

In an ever-changing environment, contactless technology and industrial automation are the future.

The industry of developing web-based apps is predicted to bring in billions of dollars

billions of dollars in the consumer of app purchases by 2022.

Start your web app development process by having a clearly defined strategy and goals set. Be sure to select the right team and remain flexible throughout the development process.


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RavijeetDang(Ravi), Managing Director and an award-winning digital strategist of Iotasol known for his out-of-the-box revenue-building strategies and commitment to helping his partners achieve significant cost savings. He is passionate about delivering the best-in-class mobile and web solutions, including digital transformation, e-commerce, express logistics, and more. He is proficient in SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, supply chain, product/service delivery and possesses certifications in Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) and PRINCE2.

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