Why Is It Worth Creating Your E-shop?

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eCommerce Website Development

Ecommerce website development Vancouver Year by year, online sales are gaining in importance, slowly replacing traditional shopping. Every forward-thinking entrepreneur should seriously consider entering the online world with their business. If you already sell online with the help of external platforms, you can probably see that along with the development of the assortment, the need for your own online store is growing. Building an online store does not have to be a long, monotonous process.If you choose the right technology and competent company to cooperate with, you will get an online sales solution that will serve you for many years. We provide the service of ecommerce website development in Vancouver. So if you are looking for an ecommerce website you are at the right stop.

Why is it Worth Choosing us for eCommerce Website Development in Vancouver?

Creating an online store that will grow with your business is a job for professionals. At ecommerce website development in Vancouver agency, for over 10 years we have been designing and creating online stores for companies from various sectors of the economy that are at a different stage of business development. We build online stores for brands that are just starting their online business, as well as for companies with many years of experience in online sales.

Our competences do not end with creating an online store – we provide comprehensive service and development of your e-commerce. The scope of this service is set individually depending on your needs.

Setting up an online store with Smartbees is:

  • +10 years of experience in the e-commerce industry,
  • full project documentation,
  • comprehensive services – from graphic design through implementation to service and development,
  • support of a dedicated Customer Manager at every stage of the project,
  • post-implementation support.

E-commerce Platform in Vancouver

Is active management of over 30,000 products possible? With an effective PIM platform, it is possible. Check the details of the solution that we have created especially for the needs of one of the largest distributors of bicycles and bicycle parts in Vancouver.

What should the graphic design of your e-commerce be like?

Trends in the e-commerce industry are changing dynamically, however, some aspects of the design have remained the same for many years. Designing and creating an online store should focus primarily on users – their comfort and ease of movement. Particular attention should be paid to designing the purchasing process, which must be as transparent and intuitive as possible so that the user can make a purchase quickly and without complications.

Remember that more and more users are buying from mobile devices, so a responsive online store design is essential. A good e-commerce layout must also be consistent with the image of your company and the so-called brand book.

  • A good online store design should be:
  • consistent with the company’s visual identification,
  • aesthetic
  • engaging
  • responsive
  • user-friendly

Why Choose Such a Solution?

At ecommerce website development in Vancouver, we are experts in the field of Open Source technology. They offer great opportunities for changes and expansion, which cannot be said about ready-made store solutions. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about licensing fees – Open Source technologies are free. Our online store designs are based on proven solutions based on open-source software, such as Magento, which allows you to build an online store of any size that will grow with the needs of your business

What is worth combining with your e-commerce?

Designing and creating an online store requires careful consideration with which internal or external e-commerce systems it would be connected to. The possibilities are endless – all you need is a ready-made or dedicated module. It all depends on your needs. We show you the integrations that are the basis of a good online store design.

Integration with inventory

Without the ongoing updating of inventory, it is difficult to think about a thriving online store. This will particularly facilitate work when, apart from the online store, we have other sales sources, e.g. external platforms or a stationery store. Your online store must update its inventory regularly to prevent a situation in which the customer buys a product that is not physically in stock.

Integration with payment methods

The design of online stores must always be based on the needs of users, and those related to payment methods are very diverse. Therefore, we should give customers several options for online payment, eg PayU, Blik, traditional transfer, credit or debit card. These integrations can be done using extensions and modules.

Integration with delivery systems

As in the previous case, customers have different preferences when it comes to delivering products. The user-friendly shop does not limit their room for manoeuvre, on the contrary, it offers a range of different options, e.g. delivery by Parcel Locker, Poczta Polska, courier or, if possible, self-collection or payment for a COD shipment.

Integration with price and product comparison websites

If you think about reaching a wider group of customers, you can consider listing your products in price comparison websites, such as Ceneo, Skąpiec or Nokaut. You can choose both ready-made modules and customized solutions that will facilitate the entire process.

Integration with external sales platforms

The stage that often precedes the creation of an online store is the use of external sales platforms, ie Allegro. If you do not want to give up using them, it will be useful to integrate with your own store, which can be done thanks to ready-made solutions or dedicated projects, which will turn out to be particularly useful with a large assortment of the store.

Integration with Facebook and Instagram

if your target group is using Facebook or Instagram, it is worth integrating your online store with these channels. Customers can view the assortment via social media and then complete the transaction directly in your store. Integrations are not difficult, and they can also be useful when you decide to promote your products via Facebook or Instagram.

Designing online stores and marketing

What must your store have to easily conduct its marketing?

It should not be forgotten that the design of online stores should take into account the needs of e-business in terms of future marketing activities. Not only in terms of running them, but also in measuring the effects. When building an online store, you should pay attention to adapting your store to Internet marketing. You should pay special attention to these aspects.


 Working on the visibility of your online store in organic search results is a very important aspect of online marketing. Creating an online store in Vancouver should always be SEO-friendly. Each store should be equipped with, among others with the ability to add meta tags, automatically generate a sitemap or create friendly URL addresses. Most Open Source systems offer rich SEO functionality that can be added to the store as desired through extensions. We offer Vancouver SEO service in cheap price.


By marketing your online store, you would like to track the effectiveness of your activities. By default, every online store should be integrated with basic, free analytics tools – Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager. Most of the external tools for online store analytics have ready-made integrations with store systems, and if there is no such – programmers can create a dedicated module that integrates the store with the analytical tool.

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Content marketing in an online store is a very important thing. Designing an online store should include creating a dedicated blog section in your store, even if you don’t want to start blogging from the very beginning. There are many options for starting a blog – incl. it can be set up as part of a shop platform or integrated with a blog on another system, such as WordPress.


As in the case of a blog, you do not have to start e-mail marketing at the stage of setting up an online store, but the functionality itself should be planned from the beginning of its existence. Most of the popular e-mail marketing tools, such as MailChimp or FreshMail, have ready integrations with store platforms, thanks to which you can manage mailing dispatch from the level of your store.

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