Unique Ideas for Writing Cover Letter for Job Application

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Writing Cover Letter

One of the most confusing tasks for job searchers is writing a cover letter. Browsing through examples is not always helpful either, as you are unsure about the content applicable in your case. At times, the hassle might lead you to think “Are cover letters actually read by hiring managers?” But pause right there, as underestimating the importance of a cover letter can damage your chances of landing an interview.

Take our word as the experts of this industry, that cover letters are perused by prospective employers. In fact, for some recruiters, they are prioritized over the rest of your resume. It is easier to let your resume be the focal point of your application. However, it is the cover letter that actually tells employers about you and why you are a perfect candidate.

To help you craft the perfect cover letter we have some incredible tips here. Read ahead and find out what will get your application instantly noticeable to hiring.

1. Begin With a Compelling Anecdote

Don’t make the mistake of starting the letter something like this:

“I am writing in regard to my interest in the offered position of…”

This would be pretty obvious from the listing you apply to. Or should be mentioned in the subject line if you are sending your documents through email. It will be more appealing to the hiring manager if you grab their attention with a relevant anecdote. Doing this will specifically highlight why they should consider you for the job in an interesting manner.

2. Structure it Like a Story

Obviously showcasing your experience and achievements is the sole purpose of your cover letter. But simply restating the things mentioned in your resume will not achieve the desired outcome.

According to career counselling experts, companies don’t make hiring decisions merely on the basis of eligibility. Building a creative narrative can prove your uniqueness in every field or role.

Many hirings are done keeping the candidate’s potential and cultural fit insight. Therefore, aim to show this through a story, relating details about how your experiences can be valuable to the business.

3. Specifically, Focus on Your Troubleshooting Skills

Telling a company how you can be of help during a crisis can get you among the preferred candidates. Most job searchers focus vehemently on how acquiring the role can benefit them instead of the other way round. One of the best tactics you can use is to understand the troubles and issues of the company. Then identify in your cover letter for job application how you can present a solution. Organizations value candidates who are driven to work through times of upheaval and look to solve issues instead of drawing back.

4. Tailor The Cover Letter According to Your Job Description

Many applicants aim wrongly when they focus solely on pitching to the organization in their cover letter. What is more effective is to link your experiences to the role in question. Show enthusiasm for the role and mould your skillset according to its specifics. It also demonstrates an important ability – paying attention to detail.

5. Do Not Apologize for The Missing Experience

In case your experience is not up to par with the job’s requirements, it is recommended not to apologize. Being modest is necessary but not to the extent that it undermines your potential. Refrain from putting your weaknesses into the spotlight by apologizing for them. Draw attention to your strengths and transferable skills. State your excitement and eagerness for the experience you are hoping to acquire with the role. And talk about your willingness to progress further in due course.

6. Explore Other Formats

It is best to apply this tip if you are going for an organization set in a traditional background. The tried and tested 3-5 paragraph structure will work ideally in that case. However, when aiming for a position at a startup or of a more creative nature, then go for it.

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A unique approach will be more than welcome in the field of media or art. You can use elements like bullet points, videos, or interesting ideas to get your point across. If you can tell your story in an expressive and different way through that medium, then do not hesitate! Always remember your Perfect CV will be Perfect When you will attach a Perfect Writing Cover Letter.

7. Always Aim For a Strong Ending

It is tempting to let the drive dwindle away as you reach the final paragraph of your cover letter. Everything else has been placed together seamlessly so why not give yourself some slack by the end? Nudge yourself to get back in the game as soon as that thought strikes. Consider every line’s importance in getting you that interview so hold out till the job is done.

The final paragraph is actually your chance to emphasize your fervour towards the job one last time. Make the most of it. Use strong vocabulary like “passion” and “dedication” to show how ambitious you are. You can even place vital details here, like your willingness to move to relocate if required for the role.


Following these tips will help you produce a Writing Cover Letter that is irresistible to hiring managers. Once you have completed the document, make sure to review it meticulously before hitting send. There is nothing more nonprofessional than submitting a cover letter or resume with spelling or grammar errors. Edit and proofread it to make sure everything is in place. And remember to be patient and positive while waiting for a response.

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