Top 5 Places to Visit In and Around Kasol

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Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is a real paradise for all travellers. Situated in the banks of Parvati river, this amazing destination has many places to visit. Check out some!


Fellow travellers! This time in Himachal let’s get down to valleys. The amount of beautiful steep valleys and  forest filled terrain Himachal offers is underestimated. Unlike other mountainous states, the majority of residents in Himachal Pradesh live in the valleys. The topography in the valleys make it favourable for human and natural habitat. Among which, Kasol is one of the prime villages in Himachal which is a camping point for various treks around.

Kasol is a small village in Kullu district situated by the Parvati river. There are water sports activities on the white Parvati river. People can also enjoy the view of two rivers like Beas and Parvati merging together. Apart from this, there are various national parks, treks, and nearby villages to explore around Kasol. Starting off with the obvious;

Kheerganga Trek

Kasol is a vital element to consider while planning your trek to Kheerganga. Kasol provides buses to the last motorable point, Barshaini in Tosh. You can choose to hike or take a bus to Barshaini as the distance is not more than 20 kms. If your trek starts from Kasol, the Manikaran village is en route which also has hot water pools, Gurudwara and temples to visit. 

The Great Himalayan National Park

The Great Himalayan National Park is an investment  in the physical, mental and spiritual well being of an individual. It is about 78 kms away from Kasol. Bounded on three sides by Himalayas, the westerly entrance through Tirthan valley to the park leads up to Pin Parvati pass. This national park is considered one of the most sacred in the Himalayas. Its enormous biodiversity represents western Himalayas endangered wildlife and big snow cats. Also, this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park has various trek trails within the Park such as Morhani Trek, Tirath Trek, Shrikhand Mahadev Trek, Sainj Valley-Raktisar Trek, Gushaini to Rakhundi Trek, Neuli – Homkhani Trek, Gushaini to Shilt, Jiwa Nala to Parvati river valley trek, crossing Pin Parvati Pass. The best time to visit this Park is April to June and September to November. Avoid visiting in the rainy and snowfall season as the area is prone to bridge blockage and low visibility. 

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Nature Park

For the non trekkers who wish to enjoy local sightseeing, this Nature park is located right in the centre of Kasol. This park provides a playground for children and a trail to walk among the tall thick trees and a stream of river. 

Malana Village

This village is said to have the oldest democracy in all of Himachal Pradesh. This   secluded village is located 19 kms from Kasol. If you want to be totally cut off from the rest of the world, this place makes the list. Away from all the hustle bustle of the valley, this small village sits beside a river. This region lacks urbanization which makes it ideal for those who are looking to connect with nature. The villagers live in small homes, surrounded by vegetation that makes it feel like living in a painting. Mountain peaks like Chanderkhani and Deo Tibba can easily be seen from this village.


Jibhi is yet another hidden village within 100km radius of Kasol. Jibhi is located in close vicinity to Tirthan Valley in Banjaur area. It is surrounded by thick dense forests and waterfalls. Jibhi village is conveniently located for trekkers to explore Jalori Pass, Jibhi waterfall, Serolsar Lake, Choi waterfall. If you are looking for a slow, peaceful trek then Jibhi is just the place. The small and compact houses at the edge of the hill offer a sense of cozy mountain retreat.

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Other places around Kasol within 100 kms radius include; Solang Valley (89kms), Naggar (58kms), Manali (76kms), Pulga, Shoja, Manikaran, Khanni Pass. Local sightseeing can also include Kasol waterfall, Chalal Trek Trail, Sunrise/Sunset points and Kasol Camps.  Kasol is also a great spot for trout fishing. 

Shopping in local markets for local goods would be recommended. The market majorly sells Himachali woolen shawls, mufflers, gloves etc. There are great alternatives to gift souvenirs to your loved ones and buy one for yourself. 

Some Tips

Here is the list of Fairs and Festivals of Himachal Pradesh. So try to visit during this period for a better experience!

  1. Shivratri Fair at Baijnath (Feb)
  2. Shivratri fair at Mandi ( Feb – March)
  3. Nalwari Cattle Fair at Bilaspur (Mar)
  4. Chessu Fair at Rewalsar (Mar)
  5. Holi Fair at Rewalsar (Mar)
  6. Rohru festival at Rohru (Apr)
  7. Summer Festival at Dharamshala (May)
  8. Summer Festival at Shimla (May- Jun)
  9. Sallooni fair at Solan (June)
  10. Minjar Fair at Chamba (Aug)
  11. Phulaich Festival at Sangla (Aug- Sep)
  12. Ladarcha Fair at Kaza (Jul- Aug)
  13. Manimahesh Yatra, Chamba ( Aug- sep)
  14. Dussehra Festival at Kullu (Jul- Aug)
  15. Lavi fair at Rampur (Nov)
  16. Renuka Fair at Renuka (Nov)
  17. Tribal Festival at Reckong-Peo (Oct-Nov) 

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