The Qualities Your Custom Macaron Boxes Should Have

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Custom Macaron Boxes

Macaron is one of the best-selling bakery products. Many times, customers love to give sweet macarons as gifts to their friends or beloved ones. Therefore, they are guaranteed to see the unique presentation that your macarons offer.

Undoubtedly, the presentation of the product will grab their attention. As a result, your packing boxes would play a huge role in this. To win the market, you surely want to know more about the qualities your custom macaron boxes should have. Well, let’s discuss further!

Your Custom Macaron Boxes Should Be Made of Premium Materials

Using premium packaging materials is essential to improving the performance of your custom macaron boxes. Cardboard, corrugated, kraft, and rigid materials are probably your ideal choices. You can count on these materials to make strong boxes that securely pack your macarons. In addition, the materials are flexible enough to be designed in different sizes, shapes, and styles to best suit your needs and expectations.

The Measurement of the Size and Shape Should Be Considered

Your macaron boxes wholesale design can really increase the sales of your macaron business. In the fierce market competition, innovative packaging design is a must to make your macaron brand stand out.

Yet, this does not mean that a unique design is the only element you should consider. Instead, you should consider everything else. The right measurement of the size and shape of your boxes will make it easier for customers to bring your boxes anywhere.

When you order custom boxes, you can get them in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. When you have to deliver macarons over long distances, these boxes would be useful since they are lightweight and easy to carry. Made from high-quality materials, the macaron containers should ensure that your macarons remain intact until they reach their destination.

Apply Flamboyant Color Combinations

The impact made by flamboyant color combinations to influence customers is hard to deny. Choosing the right color can make your macaron boxes even more appealing. That is why brands pay more attention to identifying colors.

We know that macarons can be made in many different colors so you can personalize the boxes. Yes, you can customize the packing boxes as you like. On the other hand, one thing you should keep in mind when designing your custom packaging boxes is to get the color and the design to complement each other.

It is recommended for you to go for lively colors that go well with the product to make your macarons look more appetizing. By getting a complete customization offer, you can decide the right color combination according to your brand identity and product specifications.

Unique Styles for Macaron Boxes Wholesale Are Essential

The ideal packaging style is something valuable that can make your products instantly noticed. Plus, you can design macaron boxes wholesale in a wide range of box styles based on how you want them to be.

However, always try to choose a suitable packaging style so that the macarons look more appealing. You may choose sleeve boxes, two-piece boxes, round boxes, or other great options. These unique styles will give your delightful macarons an incredible perspective. Eventually, the boxes will make them more charming in customers’ eyes.

Add Some Unique Window Shapes

To capture the attention of customers, show them what’s in your custom box. We know that consumers will not be able to taste your macaron until they make a purchase on it. Well, why not let them peek inside to indulge their taste buds? These customers will be more attracted to buy your delicious macarons if they see the actual shape of your macarons.

Accordingly, custom macaron boxes with windows are perfect for captivating more customers which result in increased sales. You should use the window box to provide transparency for your customers. By doing this, you can entice them to decide in making a purchase on your sweet macarons inside.

Try Out Gable Style!

Printed macaron boxes would stand out even more by adding handles on the boxes. Boxes with handles are known as gable box style. Many custom bakery boxes have been using this style to give more convenience to customers when carrying the boxes.

We know that people love to take macarons to some parties or picnics. Having this box style will make customers more enjoyable to bring your macarons with them. When you can make them feel that you care about their experience, they will not hesitate to be loyal to your brand. Even more, they will recommend your brand to others as well.

Inserts As One of the Necessary Parts

One of the necessary parts in macaron boxes wholesale is the inserts. Why? Because the inserts in the box will help you manage multiple macarons in one box. By placing inserts inside the boxes, not only will you make the presentation to be a lot more elegant and appealing. Instead, you also make it easier for customers to take which macaron they like, without messing up others in the boxes.

Wrapping Up

Another important tip to create appealing custom macaron boxes for your brand is by working with Silver Edge Packaging. As a reliable packaging service provider, we offer the most enticing macaron boxes to develop your macaron business.

The beautiful finishing styles, patterns, and color combinations printed on these macaron boxes wholesale would make them very eye-catching. You can expect to get the right boxes that shape your brand identity professionally. Plus, we would use the latest digital and offset printing technology to print your logo and brand. This would ultimately build a remarkable brand image.

These amazing boxes will bring many benefits to your macaron business. In addition, our luxury macaron boxes come in a wide range of themes that can take your business to the next level.

We know that the presentation of your macaron greatly influences the choices of buyers in the bakery business. That’s why we will always help you to give them the best macaron boxes wholesale they deserve.

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