The 5 Trending Mobile App Design Logo Forecast

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Mobile App Design

Mobile development is increasing at a frenetic rate with the new technological advancements that have reshaped the business landscape. In the last few years, smartphones have seen a real spike in demand, with the users moving their businesses online because of Covid’19. Moreover, this gave rise to mobile applications to smoothen the work processes. But do you know what else makes smartphones a success besides their unique features and functions? It is the logo. Like any other company, the mobile app industry hires a mobile app design company to create attractive logos.

Logo designing is not limited to educational institutions, clothing, shoes, restaurants or furniture. It is much more than we think. Take the example of Apple; it is one of the biggest brands known because of its logo while offering different services like app or mobile development. The logo industry is evolving with technological advancement by practising motion logos that will change a company’s experience while creating curiosity among the users and involuntarily creating a need for the product or service. The mobile app development company in UK has emphasised the need for innovative logos to create a brand image attracting a larger audience. Moreover, it advises new mobile app companies to follow the recent logo trends.

5 Mobile App Design Logo Trends

  1. Minimalist Logo

We often hear people say minimal and simple is better, but many logos prove it. The minimalist logo makes the Mobile App Design successful by clearing the unnecessary noises and delivering the correct message to a larger audience. By removing the noises, it leaves space for imagination, creating curiosity among the users. Google, Amazon and eBay are examples of such logos. Why use a minimalist logo for mobile app design? The simple logos look more visually appealing on the mobile screens than others, allowing faster loading with the few pixels. Moreover, they look great on both small and large screens when scaled without creating a different logo for small screen size. Since such logos have a more significant advantage, many companies like Apple and Starbucks have transitioned from a complex logo design to a simpler one.

  1. Geometric Shape Logo

We all have studied mathematics, and geometry was one of the best parts. The geometric shapes are always associated with mathematics that taps into logic and numbers. The logo designers use bright and warmer colours to boost the feeling of relaxation. Hence, it is one of the main reasons it will trend in 2022. Many large companies like Mitsubishi uses shapes to invoke emotions while conveying the brand’s message. They are best for logos that are symbolic with curvy edges, stability and beautiful graphic designs. Moreover, the sleek appearance adds to the sophistication, making it the best for mobile app development companies to attract users by invoking emotions and giving a personal feel. Lastly, like minimalist logos, they can fit into any screen or object.

  1. Fine Lines Logo

Mobile app design companies searching for a blend of minimalism and geometry should choose fine line logos. It uses geometry with lines instead of various shapes. However, the lines deliver the message and feel similar to the shapes. In recent years they have gained immense popularity will continue to trend in the future with their versatility. The fine lines logo can easily take the form of texts and shapes with a bit of manipulation to develop aunique design.

Further, how you use the lines invokes different feelings. The straight lines describe the structure or order, the overlapping lines create depth, and the wavy lines convey the brand message clearly. Hence, creating a simple logo that can get quickly restructured to improve the design is the best option for mobile companies to market their brand effectively.

  1. Eye Tricking Logo

The advancement has led to businesses trying unique ways to market their products and services online. The eye-tricking logo is one of them that help capture customer attention, increasing engagement. These manipulate the user’s perception of the brand image by using negative spaces, shading, surreal imagery, etc. Hence, these techniques make the logo appear visually broken, bent, fragmented or warped, attracting users to view closely or get to know about the brand. Such techniques usually blur the line between 2D and 3D objects, making the logo look sticking out of the frame. However, this might be the best option for a mobile app development company to catch users’ attention. The more the people will see, the more they will talk about it increasing customer engagement. Such images or logos tend to get shared on social media trying to understand the logo. So, it won’t be incorrect to say it is a form of free marketing that can benefit the company and save the additional cost of advertisements.

  1. Typography Logo

Another type of logo used by the mobile app design company has to be the typography logo. Many giant companies like IBM, Yahoo, and CNN use this technique to create a brand image. Such logos allow companies to use their own font to create a competitive edge using Garamond, Helvetic and Trajan. Netflix is an example of such a logo that uses its own font. Other minimalist logos also use typography in their design to become memorable for the end-users.

Moreover, the mobile app services company uses colours and shapes to impact the consumers’ decisions. Few companies might go ahead and represent the brand with letters or words, which becomes easier to link with the actual name. Take the example of Twitter that uses the letter “t” to represent its brand. Another giant company Facebook follows the same technique and represents its brand with the letter “f.”

Logos play an essential role in making companies a success. Since several mobile app companies are springing up, it becomes to distinguish the business with attractive logo designs representing its core values. Many companies are hiring a mobile app development company in UK to create trendy logo designs that fulfil all the business requirements to achieve its goals.

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