Progressive Web App – Why Should You Adopt It For Your Business?

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Progressive Web App

We do not use our smartphones or laptop without the internet. The web is an incredible medium, becoming a backbone for most of the devices and letting businesses deploy apps directly on web browsers irrespective of the platform of users. The below blog post will help you determine the features of a progressive web app helpful to provide a better user experience to your customers.

Let us start by understanding the term in detail since it sounds technical to most businesses looking to provide a better experience to their users.

Progressive Web App – What Does The Term Mean?

Progressive web apps are new industry-leading app design and implementation that sit entirely on users’ browsers. When we talk about mobile apps, one has to search for the desired application in the play store or app store and hit the download app before using it. But, in the case of web apps, users visit the websites and are directly greeted with the app ready to provide them solutions.

Progressive web apps are designed with three motives acting as pillars for a better user experience and making users feel like platform-specific applications.

Three Pillars of Progressive Web Apps

  • Capability: Apps built with the progressive web app motive can deliver notifications straight to the users through a web browser, providing a feeling of an actual app installed on their system. They are also capable of using geolocation live native apps. Facebook web apps like messenger are a solid example of a web app completely working in the web browser providing robust native app features like video and audio calling. Further, web apps can also add data from the local file system, access other permissions, and ensure a native app experience to the user.
  • Reliability: Reliability comes from speed and accessibility on most of the networks. A native mobile or software app takes time to download and jump into the app. Progressive web apps are ready to use whenever the user hits or reaches the website address. Generally, web apps take about one or two seconds on a responsive network. The reliability increases by smooth animation and scrolling mechanism applied by developers providing close to the native app experience. Further, reliable apps work on networks poor in range, letting businesses offer the user experience in all the terms and conditions, eliminating system failures and crashes.
  • Installability: Progressive web apps also provide an option to download the web app on their system so that they can access it with just a click and save it in their favourites. These apps can be kept in the dock, shelf, or app menu, depending on the availability. The Chrome web browser provides a massive market for web apps that users can install, such as Google suit.

The above pillars also act as features for progressive web apps. The next piece of writing will ensure and assist why your business must opt for a progressive web app.

Why Should Your Business Opt For a Progressive Web App?

  • Low development costs: Webapps doesn’t require operating-system-specific coding. For example, in native apps, a business might want to spend the development budget on android and ios separately. But, in the case of progressive web apps, they are available on every platform residing inside a web browser, making them cheaper app alternatives.
  • Wider customer reach: Since progressive web apps are irrespective of the operating system platforms, businesses can attract a broader customer base through SEO. With SEO for websites developed on the progressive web app, companies can target better reach and convert views into business interactions and leads.
  • No restrictions of app stores: While uploading an application on AppStore and play store, businesses must follow specific guidelines to deploy their applications. Progressive apps are free from the hustle of online deployment and restrictions of app stores. Companies can deploy their web apps directly on their websites, minimizing commissions by the app stores.
  • Push notifications: Today, there is no difference between progressive web and native apps. Push notifications make it possible for the web apps to deliver the latest updates for businesses right into the notification bars of users.
  • No update issues: Progressive web apps don’t require update releases on the market like other native apps stored on app markets. Businesses can update their apps and make them live directly on their website without letting users know what is happening in the back-end. It gives a seamless operation to businesses promising capabilities and reliability.
  • Offline operation option: Progressive web apps are not always dependent upon online networks. Businesses can keep their apps offline on the system of users. Websites require the internet to perform every click option, whereas Progressive apps are much more convenient to use and deploy. Web Apps have built-in cache savers that store their regular features and eliminate the necessity to stay connected to the internet. Browser cookies are a good option for businesses where the progressive web apps remain stored on users’ computers, and they can use them whenever they want to visit the app. In this manner, businesses can enjoy a wide availability of resources directly from users’ file systems.

Now you have read the essential features and benefits for your business through progressive web apps. You must be looking to execute the idea of implementing progressive web apps into your business.

How to Kickstart Your Progressive Web App?

  • Identify the fundamental objective of your business and align it with the progressive web app. For startups, the businesses must be clear about the innovations in their web apps.
  • Separate the online and offline features that your business needs in a web app since some of the most important features can be downloaded offline and stored in the cookies as the user hits the website.
  • Hiring the app developer for your progressive web app and live your progressive web app. It is also important to select a programming language. For example, PHP is a boon to web app development.

Ending words

It is high time to integrate a progressive web app into your business. With the top-notch advantages of web apps, businesses can boost their customer base and provide a better user experience. Several agencies offer progressive web app development services to businesses and fuel their business idea towards reality.

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