How To Find The Perfect Unique Moonstone Engagement Ring

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Moonstone Engagement Ring

Moonstone Engagement Ring

The Perfect Unique Moonstone Engagement Ring

Moonstone is a unique and appealing gemstone that has been used in Jewelry making since ancient times. This  pleasing gemstone belongs to the feldspar mineral family. Besides being colorless, it is an iridescent stone of peach, pink, green, grey, yellow, brown, and blue. The light of play seen in Moonstone is called adularescence, and it varies from transparent to opaque in their transparency.

The most worthy moonstones are available in Sri Lanka and India. Blue Moonstone is highly prized for its rarity. These moon magic are found only in Sri Lanka & Rainbow Moonstones are majorly produced in India. The most historically attractive moonstone mines are in the Adura mountains in Switzerland.  

The importance of Moonstone lies in its energy, as old as the moon itself. This power can nourish, inspire and awaken your feminine energy. It can heal you and lead you to your inner path. Together with the phases of the moon, it evokes a sensual and esoteric serenity. It radiates bright energy, revitalizes the mind and body, and washes away negative emotions. Surrounded by powerful rays of gold, blue, and violet, Moonstone is always surrounded by radiant white energy, making it a protective gemstone. 

Charismatic Properties Of Moon Magic.

A gemstone of intuition, balance, and desire, Moonstone helps channel your feminine side. It helps us distinguish between what is needed and what is desired in life, eliminates negative energy & helps to heal ourselves if we wear this appealing stone regularly. The more transparent the gemstone is, the more colorful it shines and the more vigorous it’s healing powers.

Calm down and relieve stress while releasing the love of your life. Moonstone is a dynamic gemstone that means many things with its varied healing properties. Birthstones, lucky stones, sacred crystals, unusual gemstones, and wedding gifts are all examples of balanced gemstones. But the loudest moonstones come from the moon’s magic.  

The Moonstone’s peaceful energy fosters creativity, healing, and maternal protection. The advantages of this excellent crystal are endless. It has intense power and is compatible with Pisces, Scorpio, Libra, and Cancer astrological signs.

Moonstone Engagement Ring

Moonstone is extremely difficult to find in large or fine-quality specimens, but Indian material with vibrant body color is widely available and very affordable. It’s lucky because the fabric is typically well-cut and gorgeous. Unfortunately, the most valuable type of Moonstone with a blue lustre is extremely unique in sizes larger than 15-20 carats. However, there are many of them, and their adularescence is silvery or white and can be hundreds of carats.

Moonstones, while being common jewelry stones, have a hardness of 6 and a little bit of a tendency to chip and cleave. Therefore, they should obtain protective settings, especially for ring wear, to avoid scratches. Moonstones should be protected from damage in any jewelry setting, but brooches and pendants will reduce exposure to risks. Avoid cleaning with mechanical methods like steam or ultrasonic. Use a gentle brush and only warm, soapy water as an alternative.

With its iridescent glow and subtle blue hues, it’s no wonder that Moonstone has become a popular choice for engagement rings. However, finding the perfect moonstone engagement ring can be a difficult task, so here are some points to help you make the right choice.

Do Your Research?

Before you start shopping for a moonstone engagement ring, it’s essential to do your research. Learn about the different types of moonstones, such as rainbow moonstones, white moonstones, and grey moonstones, and decide which style you prefer. Moonstone is a relatively soft gemstone, so it’s essential to consider the durability of the stone when selecting a ring.

Set a Budget

Moonstone engagement rings can vary in price depending on the quality of the stone and the design of the ring. Set a budget before you start shopping to ensure you stay within your price range.

Consider the Setting

The placement of the ring is just as important as the stone itself. Moonstone looks beautiful in various settings, such as vintage, bohemian, or modern. Consider the style of the recipient and choose a setting that suits their personality.

Look for Quality

When shopping for a moonstone engagement ring, it’s important to look for quality. Make sure the stone is free from any cracks, inclusions, or blemishes. In addition, the setting should be secure and well-made to ensure the longevity of the ring.

Consider the Cut

The cut of a moonstone can significantly affect its appearance. Look for a moonstone that is cut to maximize its unique iridescent glow. A well-cut moonstone will have a smooth surface and a symmetrical shape.

Think About Metal Type

The metal type of the ring is also an important consideration. Moonstone Ring looks beautiful in a variety of metals, including rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Consider the receiver’s skin color and personal style when choosing a metal type.

Find a Reputable Jeweler

When purchasing a moonstone engagement ring, it’s crucial to find a reputable Jeweler. Look for a Jeweler with experience working with Moonstone who can provide you with a certificate of authenticity for the stone.

Customize Your Moonstone Engagement Ring

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect moonstone engagement ring, consider customizing your ring. A skilled Jeweler can help you design a unique ring that incorporates your personal style and preferences.

Consider the Shape

Moonstone is available in various shapes, including oval, round, pear, and heart-shaped. Examine the receiver’s style and preferences when choosing the form of the stone.

Take Your Time

Finally, take your time when selecting a moonstone engagement ring. This is a significant purchase, and you want to make sure you choose the perfect ring. Don’t rush the process; make sure you’re happy with your selection before purchasing.


In conclusion, finding the perfect Moonstone Engagement Ring requires research, consideration of the setting, metal type, quality, and cut of the stone, as well as the shape and customization options. Moon Magic Diamonds are flawless Works of Art that only have one word to describe them: magic. So, pick the one-of-a-kind present that is responsibly crafted just for you by our diamond professionals if you are looking for the beautiful 925 sterling Silver Moonstone Engagement Ring or any other gemstone ring, chakra jewelry, or birthstone jewelry. So you are on the correct page; we have Rananjay Exports to get you unique and attractive designs. A wholesale Gemstone jewelry manufacturing company deals with over 250 gemstones and sterling Silver Jewelry. So Visit our website immediately to learn more about our elegant jewelry designs.

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