How Can AWS Solutions Help Tech Startups?

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Amazon Web Services Solutions

Do you know there are endless possibilities that come with Amazon Web Services? Most startups have so much to do without having the required budget or the technical expertise to accomplish their tasks. It is why startups should consider Amazon’s AWS to help them get the job done.

Previously, entrepreneurs were at a disadvantage since they needed to invest a lot of money to have the infrastructure to test and develop their services and support their growth. Moreover, historically, startups have been required to start large, making it difficult to generate profitability over time progressively. It was either that or confess defeat and give up. AWS altered everything!

And you’d be in excellent company, too. Amazon has disclosed that Amazon AWS uses by some of today’s most successful firms. If you’re a startup, you’ll be relieved to hear that Pinterest, Tinder, Spotify, Yelp, Airbnb, Dropcam, FunPlus, FourSquare, and AdRoll all used AWS in their early phases, and even today, when they’ve become some of the most known businesses.

What Exactly is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Here’s a quick rundown if you’ve been living under a rock. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform that provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services.

Why do SMBs, as well as behemoths like Netflix, adore AWS? Their pay-as-you-go concept is incredibly flexible and easy on the wallet, for starters. Second, the Amazon team does not compromise on quality and always improves its services.

The complete list of advantages is very big, but we’ll get to that later in the essay.

What Does AWS Have to Offer Businesses?

AWS not only provides startups with secure and dependable hosting, database, and customer relationship management infrastructure, but it also provides ongoing support and training.

Here’s how AWS has impacted entrepreneurs across many industries:

Customer Acquisition Has Improved.

AWS has a solid lead generating and management infrastructure:

  1. Amazon Advertising is a platform for developing customized adverts and starting and tracking promotional programs.
  2. AWS Marketplace – a data product directory with free and commercial products that assists enterprises in building a custom data management infrastructure to meet their specific requirements.
  3. Amazon Launchpad is a portal meant to guide teams through AWS technologies and help them expand their ideas.


Participating in the AWS startup program events allows business managers to develop a strong market presence. Here are some of the opportunities available to SME owners:

  1. Speaking at and attending AWS Summits; Being published on the corporate AWS blog as one of the company’s success stories;
  2. Attending AWS re:Invent, one of the largest yearly tech events, with thousands of attendees.

Support is Available 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days.

Amazon provides constant AWS support for startups since the AWS for business owners is robust and complicated. SME owners can contact AWS Support 24 hours, seven days a week. A startup manager might request a call with the company’s software engineers to help with staff onboarding and AWS administration if necessary.

Special Deals on Company Management Software

AWS prioritizes partnering with innovative business solution developers worldwide to provide SME owners with unique AWS pricing for startups. Users of the platform can get special deals on HubSpot, Zendesk, Intuit, Sendgrid, and other CRM, ERP, or marketing management products.

Tips and Suggestions in a Personalized Feed

AWS is working hard to promote lifelong learning and professional development. The tool keeps startup managers up to speed on industry news, trends, and developments, so you don’t have to waste time moving between news websites and blogs.

Possibilities for Scaling

Amazon provides a pay-as-you-go strategy to business owners, allowing you to expand the infrastructure as the number of active users rises while maintaining appropriate AWS cost optimization.

Furthermore, AWS provides several features to assist business owners in accommodating more people on their website, storing greater volumes of user data, and navigating it more efficiently.

  1. Amazon Redshift is a data warehousing solution;
  2. AWS Batch enables business owners to boost scalability by facilitating batch task processing; and
  3. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling is a platform that automatically scales the computing capacity of the organization.

Why Should You Use Amazon Web Services?

Most startups are content with an affordable hosting solution and long-term.

A business owner can scale vertically as AWS caters to traffic spikes while keeping server expenses low. The company’s website performance is jeopardized by the server’s ability to scale.

Business owners can scale the server and then downsize it after the sales season is over. In this manner, the business owner pays for the resources used by their website or online application.

Who Else Benefits from AWS?

The advantages of using AWS are enormous. Among the companies that use Amazon Web Services are:

  • HESS
  • Suncorp Kellogg’s Bank
  • Vodafone
  • Expedia
  • Dow Jones & Company
  • NTT Docomo Inc.
  • Novartis

Similarly, AWS has been a popular choice for several startup organizations that are now well-established.

  • Airbnb
  • Slack
  • io
  • Instacart
  • Lyft
  • Realeyes
  • Unbabel
  • Nextdoor

Amazon Web Services Can Be Exhausting

Companies that use AWS benefit from the extensive ecosystem that exists. It is compatible with many applications, websites, and eCommerce retailers. As a result, AWS for startups may appear overwhelming.

Experimenting with the server takes time and experience, both of which are in short supply in a beginning business. These companies frequently hire a system administrator to handle server maintenance and management, consuming a significant portion of their budget.

This user gains access to designated server resources bare bones with an operating system after joining up with AWS. The user must then utilize the provided console to configure the prerequisites for a web application before deploying the web application. For someone unfamiliar with these procedures, the entire process can be laborious and time-consuming.

It is where managed cloud-hosting services come into play.

What are The Specific Reasons Why Startups Should Think About AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Has It All.

Consider the Swiss Army knife. It contains everything you require to survive. Consider AWS in comparison to the Swiss Army Knife. AWS provides everything you need to remain competitive and survive in today’s business environment.

You might gain access to AWS’s vast array of solutions, including practically everything that most entrepreneurs want. From relational databases to servers, traffic, Hadoop deployments on EC2, storage, user-produced content on S3, and metadata and roll-ups on DynamoDB, Route 53, and ElastiCache.

Startups require a high level of agility. Whether you have a unique idea or a wonderful product, or you are playing catch-up in a booming market, you need to be able to access the infrastructure you need without having to make large upfront capital investments. Large investments in hardware and software tend to slow down companies. AWS enables you to rapidly and easily access the resources you require. It enables the rapid provision of services and technologies by leveraging its large infrastructure technology platform. Instead of waiting for a new server and hiring a database administrator, companies may use Amazon’s AWS and begin developing their apps.

Another point to consider is that AWS is not only a market leader due to the breadth of services it provides; it also provides rich functionality for each service. For example, you don’t only get a generic computing resource; you can additionally take advantage of many options and features, such as acquiring compute resources optimized for memory, storage, and I/O. Amazon’s relational databases, for example, are compatible with MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgre SQL, and Amazon Aurora.

AWS is Always Innovating

Don’t worry if you have certain requirements that AWS does not yet meet. AWS has been innovating and introducing new services at an unrivaled rate. For example, in 2008, the platform above only provided EC2 and EBS. The following year, they added three new services, followed by 20 more over the next three years. That pace hasn’t slowed, and if you follow their yearly AWS re: Invent events, you’ll see what the cloud service provider has been up to and what it wants to release shortly.

Amazon Web Services is Cost-effective

AWS charges a fair and competitive price for its services, and it is not afraid to engage in a pricing war with its competitors. Furthermore, sharing AWS infrastructure costs with many users allows them to harness economies of scale further to reduce costs.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) then passes these savings on to clients, attracting more customers who utilize more AWS services. As you can see, it all comes back to more users, which allows the company to reduce infrastructure expenses while still adding more hardware and infrastructure. It efficiently helps to drive down prices while maintaining high-quality services.

Startups on AWS also appreciate that they pay for what they require when they require it.

It is Quite Simple to Sign Up for AWS.

You receive access to a large selection of financial services provided by a single provider with AWS, and you don’t have to worry about contracts or legal jargon.

Amazon’s AWS has made it a point to sign up for its numerous services simply; it takes a few clicks. Compare this to the traditional method of doing things, where you bounds by contracts and have to negotiate a fair price and adaptations with many providers.

AWS Appreciates The “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” Mentality.

You’ll need to test out several different things to figure out what works best for you when you first start. Amazon AWS makes testing and development simple, and you can establish new development and testing environments on the fly. You can reload disk images, wipe them, and do whatever you want with them. And you can abandon the work you have done thus far.

AWS enables you to grow at your speed without worrying about IT operations.

Startups prep to grow swiftly, particularly after testing and finding a niche market for their services and goods.

Amazon AWS helps you to grow and expand rapidly. You pay for the resources you use, which saves you money at first and allows you to add more resources as needed. For example, if you require additional storage space, you may easily request it.

Amazon Web Services Provides Entrepreneurs With Worry-free Backups.

You no longer need to be concerned about your disaster recovery backups. You can do this with Amazon AWS. Specifically, you can utilize EC2 to synchronize data between two PCs while storing disk backups on S3.

Are you a startup contemplating adopting Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Don’t be concerned; contact Suffescom, the AWS cloud consultant. With our team of professionals, we can assist you in getting started with Amazon services.

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