Design Elements That Will Help You Generate Leads

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Design Elements

Generating leads for your online store is a difficult task especially when you have a lot of stores competing with you. In such cases you need to engage all the senses of the prospective customers towards your store and website to make sure they will buy things from your shop. In online shopping with the quality of your products there are so many things that matter such as the presentation of the products, clear images, proper description and the Design Elements of the website plays an important role in generating leads. Therefore you must make sure your website is up to date with all the latest trends and designs and it is made up by taking care of little details too. 

Design Elements That will help you Generate Leads  

Always make sure you get your online store designed from some professional, you can find so many companies or individuals who will make e-commerce web design Sharjah. The website design is the first step that will enable your customers to make the decision whether to buy from you or not. Therefore, we will guide you about the web designs that will increase your customers on the go. 

  • Cell Phone Friendly Designs
  • Add Images
  • Faster Loading Pages
  • Pick the Right Design
  • Testimonial Section
  • Live Chat Service
  • Increase Usability
  • Policy Section
  • Adding Videos
  • Sharing Button Or Option Should Always be available
  • Give them Closure
  • Aesthetic is a Must
  • Search Tab

Cell Phone Friendly

Cell phones have been one of the crucial things in our life and we are dependent on them to the extent that we can not function without their existence. One and only thing that we carry with us everywhere we go is either to take pictures, record video, or watch content to shoo away our boredom. Cell phones have basically become the better half that completes our life. Therefore if you want your online store to flourish you must make sure it works properly with the cellphone because, no one would like to open their laptop just to browse the products of an online store. 

Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly there are chances you might lose at least 50 to 70 percent of your prospective customers. No matter who designs your online store, ask them to make a super-compatible mobile version of it.

Add Images

Make Sure you have added high quality images of every product you are selling online, because the images will build the trust of the audience and allow them to explore it more. Since in online shopping only the visual sense could do the work and rest of the senses are paused for a while; therefore, make the best out of it. The visual sense will help them in making the crucial decision of buying. 

Therefore, make sure you take the photography of the products seriously and add them with each of your products. Add the zoom in plugin of the images so that the customers can properly see the details of the products and buy it. 

Faster Loading Page

One of the important factors is the loading speed of the page. How many times have you left a website only because it has a slow loading speed? Uncountable right!. Be sure that doesn’t happen with your website. The speed of the website increases the probability of generating leads. Thus, add all the features that will increase the loading speed of your website. There are many tools available in the market that can help you in increasing the speed of your website.

Pick the Right Design 

One of the biggest responsibilities that we overlook is to choose the right design for your website. The design should be according to the products you are selling. If you have a clothing brand then the design of the website should be according to it. This is the task of the designer and if by chance he misses it then it is your job to correct him. 

Also to make your website stand out from your competitors the design of the website should be original instead of the copied one. Since the original design will help you in gaining the trust of your audience and make your website stand out among the other competitors. 

Testimonial Section

To enhance the credibility of your brand and product ensure that there should be a testimonial section on your website. In this section your loyal customers can guide the new ones about your products. The new customers or visitors will bl;ieve the testimonial more than anything else; hence, be sure to add the section while designing the website.

Live Chat Service 

Another influencing feature is the live chat service , since it gives the contentment to the customers and visitors that they are heard and someone is there to solve their issues. It increases their trust towards your online store and eventually towards your products too. The live chat makes sure that the needs of every visitor are addressed. When their issues and queries are addressed instantly it will increase their probability of becoming a customer. 

Increase Usability

Your website should be user friendly and easy to navigate when a visitor comes for the first time to your website s/he should easily understand its features and functions. The website should not be complicated to understand by a new visitor. All the options should be in front of him to explore the shop. 

Policy Section 

The website should also have policy sections where all your policies are mentioned along with the return policy and methods. Each user can visit it easily to understand your store. It will also be easier for you as you don’t have to guide each customer individually. Moreover, if someone claims something unethically you can save yourself from the policy section. Good policies that make the life of the customers easier can also help you in generating leads. 

Adding Videos

Although you have added the pictures of the products, adding video can also increase the credibility of the store and products. Since in today’s era pictures could be fake but it is difficult to fake a whole video of the product. You can also add the introduction video of your store by adding the images of the employers. If the user will be able to see the people behind the online store then their trust level will increase eventually. 

Sharing Button or Option Should Always be Available

Another important feature is to add the sharing option to your website; hence, if a prospective customer wants to share your product with their friends and family to get their opinion they can easily do it. It can also advertise your online store free of cost without spending any penny on it. 

Give Them Closure

Human beings always seek closure even when they are buying anything online and in such cases to give them the contentment you should always make sure that your website is designed in a way that will give them closure. The closure can be given when they have placed an order whether the order has been placed successfully or it has expired due to some reasons. The closure could be on the website or it could be done by sending them a separate email about the order. 

Aesthetic is a Must

Your website and the page should always be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching that will make the visitors stay on the page. Make sure the page does not look over crowded with the information. Each information should be present but with proper placement and tricks that won’t make your web page look jammed. 

The more eye pleasing your website is, the more it will catch audiences and manipulate them to discover the products. With the important features the eye-catching design also plays an important role while developing a website. 

Search Tab

A search tab is also an important feature that will facilitate your customers. As they won’t have to go through each and every page instead they can just search the product they are looking for and save their time by directly clicking on it. The easier website will make your audience visit it again and again and help them in exploring it more; whereas, the complicated website will make them lose interest in your store. 

Final TakeAway

Make an amazing website for your e-commerce shop and get the maximum audience to your site. Since it is difficult with all the competition we have in the market but with some basic strategies you can grab a large audience towards your site and get them to buy your products. Make sure to hire a professional to design the website and you can get the best designers if you are living in Sharjah. All you have to do is google ecommerce web design sharjah and you will get the list of amazing designers and companies to do your work. Do a thorough research before hiring anyone to do your work since your website design plays a huge part in the success of your online business

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