Crime Thriller Movies to Watch on Redbox

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Crime Thriller Movies

We humans find one or another way to keep ourselves entertained. Be it jumping from the sky, traveling, or sitting on our favorite couch watching movies. For us, it is being a lazy couch and binge-watching. Movies have always been an enjoyable entertaining experience to cheer up our mood. They connect us to the fictional characters we`ve never met before. And allow us to relate with them in the roller-coaster of emotions.

Redbox automated retail is an American video rental company that rents movies on DVD, Blu-ray, 4k UHD rentals, and the most popular kiosks. The company`s red kiosks are located in about 34,000 locations at different convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and many other places. Redbox movie list allows us to take a momentary break from our lives and engage ourselves in a different world of the big screen.

Redbox top movies offer us some of the best crime thriller movies for our love of suspense. These psychological crime thrillers let us feel fear and confusion until we have bitten off every single nail. These movies reel us in by slowly building the suspense and after the final shocking twist, the tension goes away. Redbox promo codes provide the consumer with discounts or even free rentals on selected nights.

We scaled down top crime thriller movies available on RedboxThese suggestions are packed with murders, heists, disasters, and suspense.

Nerve Wrecking Thrillers

Candyman will change your concept about the word candy. This physiological supernatural thriller film is directed by Nia DaCosta and written by Jordan Peele. It is a sequel to the horror film Candyman produced in 1992. The movie features Yahya Abdul –Mateen II as Anthony who is an artist in search of inspiration for his new series of paintings.

Yahya Abdul Mateen starts exploring history without knowing that the crazy man will unravel his sanity and unleash a frightful wave of murders and violence. The movie will keep you connected with its suspense and killings.

If you are a Jake Gyllenhaal fan, then trust us the next movie is for you The film features Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor a police detective put on the desk duty of 911 operators. Thankfully, Gyllenhaal nails it as he often does.

One night during a late shift, Joe receives a call from an abducted woman. As the case unravels, Joe and his mental state get obsessed with saving that distressed caller. The movie is a worthwhile watch because of Gyllenhaal’s superb acting and presence.

Mind Boggling Crime Movies

Our love for spirit-stunning crime movies is never-ending. Redbox offers some of the best crime movies to keep us entertained. Knives Out, an American 2019 crime mystery film is a must-watch. The movie is directed by the famous, Rian Johnson and produced by Ram Bergman and Johnson. The film revolves around a private detective Benoit Blanc played by Daniel Craig. The detective investigates the murder of a family patriarch during a gathering.

From all the suspicious family members to house staff, Benoit questions and suspect everyone. The movie follows different twisted webs, lies, truths throughout. With all the comings and goings of answer and from the question to who killed Harley? The family comes down to discovering who hired Benoit and why. The movie is a must-watch for its never-ending suspects and mystery. The amazing acting of Chris Evans and Daniel Craig will keep you connected to the film.

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We all know when a film offers heist and crime then it should be not missed. The film features academy award winner Daniel Washington as Detective Keith Frazier. Dalton Russell played by Clive Owen perfectly plans the robbery while serving his time in prison. The plan involves a prestigious bank in Manhattan and taking hostages. While the detective tries to handle the situation the interference of a broker played by Jodie Foster just worsens the situation.

Forever in Our List Crime Watch

Is there anyone who isn’t head over heels for the Prince of Persia? We are talking about the movie character, depicted brilliantly by our favorite Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor is not only known for his immortal good looks but he also performs mind-bogglingly well. His Night Crawler movie, released in 2014, changed the way we assumed the lives of journalists.

The movie portrays the life and struggle faced by a photographer/storyteller who works solely and captures accidents and incidents in time. Gear up for a ruthless journey that tells us about the brutality and cold-heartedness people face trying to succeed. Louis Bloom is the main character who further hires other people to work for him. We don’t want to kill the mystery so you better watch the movie on Redbox. The kiosks are full of the oldest to recent releases.

Another hit by Jake is Nocturnal Animal. Amy Admas is playing a vigilant character in this movie. Both the leads are bang on performers stealing the show. The movie was released back in 2016 but is still added to the most thrilling movies of all time. Susan played by Amy is forced to reveal truths about her past married life after she receives a manuscript for her ex-husband’s book. Her struggle to make the world see the truth and hear both sides of the story take an interesting turn when her ex-husband Edward accepts his mental illness.

A compilation of drama, thriller and nerve-wracking scenes is phenomenally portrayed in all these movies. The Redbox movie list is excellently compiled. The box offers amazing movies of every genre. We hope this article helps you to select your favorite movie and enjoy watching it over the weekend.

Redbox is an amazing platform to watch movies. It provides superhit movies on a rental subscription. Redbox gives a helpful budget on movies. All good types of movies like a marathon are also available on Redbox. We get the best quality on Redbox in the form of DVD and HD. The Shipping price is low and it also gives us great features.

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