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Launch NFT Auction Marketplace Like Foundation
NFT Marketplace

Creator Friendly Foundation Platform Trading Unique NFT Collections

Foundation is completely an exclusive Platform that vets on developing a completely Creator-centric economy in the digital space. This digital space gives the creators a boost to produce an exclusively rare and unique set of creations to the world through the Ethereum Blockchain networks that value their creations and gain massive support from fellow artists and creators that encourages building a good community in the digital space.

The creators and users in the NFT Marketplace Like Foundation freely act on minting, selling, and trading digital collectibles with their highly efficient Platform. They bridge the gap between artists and passionate art collectors in the blockchain network that tokenizes the collectible and adds value. The Foundation NFT marketplace can be simplified as an Ethereum blockchain network digitizing the masterpieces of master creators.

Standards of Ethereum Used on Foundation Like Marketplaces

We know that the Foundation is built on the Ethereum Blockchain network. The NFTs in these platforms are built on the Ethereum Blockchain network. And majorly the assets take up ERC20 and ERC 721 standards.

Generally, the ERC 721 and ERC 1155 are two standards that are majorly concentrated and adopted to tokenize the assets on the open-source code blockchain formally present in the Ethereum standards for users to easily buy and sell NFT with ETH making use of the Web3 Wallet.

Fundamentals of NFT Marketplace Like Foundation

Let us discuss the fundamentals of an NFT marketplace like Foundation, making it more comfortable for the users to explore their potential in the blockchain networks.

1. Creators

The creators have the privilege of tokenizing their Masterpiece and displaying their creation on the display page of the marketplace that lists all other creations of the other creators who have listed their collections.

2. Artwork 

The artwork category helps the creators to showcase and list their creations and artworks for auction and sale. There are add-on facilities to list the bidding price, value, name, description of the collectible, time of the auction, and much more. Through this, the artist can conveniently showcase and feature their talent to the world with authorization and abilities to make a good profit eventually.

3. Social Profiles 

This feature enables the Creator to link their social media account in the blockchain network to easily share their creations and artworks to a much-extended world and gather great traction. It is also a promotion to the market that brings in more traction.

Extempore Features Of Foundation Like NFT Marketplace – Creator and Collector Edition 

Mint and Sell NFT – The Creators 

The Creator features benefit the original artist a platform and space of convenience to establish their Talents and showcase their creation to the world. They can easily list and sell their creations without any third-party interference and give the confidence to vest on the Platform as a reliable source of income.

  1. The artwork and creation are ensured in the Platform.
  2. The creators gain the authentication for their creations.
  3. The Platform helps the user acquire authorization, including copyrights, and brand the creations as original work.
  4. The Platform is very comfortable for the creators to share, display, and eventually kindle the spirit to make the next series of creations.

NFT Collection For Collectors

The collector features facilitates the traders, buyers, and investors to collect the Masterpiece and extensively unique collections in the NFT marketplace. The collectibles also give the collector and artists great inspiration to create more magic in the space.

  1. The Artworks in the Platform allows the collector to purchase as a Digital Asset in the Platform.
  2. The Platform helps in publicizing the collection and adds value to the same.
  3. The Collectors you have transferred with the ownership now have the liberty to sell the collectible on the Platform.

Different Collectibles that Are listed on the Foundation Platform

The popularity of NFT in the market has grabbed the attention of major business niches. While from corporate to any customary business, every business and creators in various niches look to explore their abilities in the digital space. There is no business today that denies this digital transformation.

Likewise, your Platform like Foundation, which is built on the purpose to facilitate Creators and encourage them, your Platform is made capable of listing various creations from

  • Photography
  • 3D and AR
  • Music
  • Animation
  • Generative arts
  • Real estate, housing
  • Fashion
  • Memes
  • Performances
  • Animes
  • Healthcare and Insurance
  • Sports

And much more!

Working Of Foundation clone – Creator, Collector, Community, and Developer

I. Working for Creator 

  • The creators register themselves on the Platform, and with successful verification, they can easily log in to the app.
  • It is required for the Creator to have a Web3 wallet. Metamask will be more convenient.
  • It is required for the creators in the Platform to have sufficient ETH to mist their NFT.
  • The Creator has all the liberty to list any digital asset, either in JPEG, PNG, IPFS, and their formats based on the reaction type.
  • Now the Creator can list their NFT on the Platform for auction or sale. The creators wish to set a base bid and the cost based on the selling format of the asset.
  • Following which, forbidding, they will have to set a start and end time, and for a new proposal coming in 15minutes before the auction’s end time, the countdown must be extended to another 15minutes.

II. Working for Collectors 

  • The collector and the other users are also required to complete the signup process to attain successful signup verification. They can easily log in to the Platform later.
  • It is required for the collector also to have a Web3 wallet with sufficient ETH to make the required transaction.
  • They can go through a list of collectibles and participate in their interested collectible’s live auction or sale.
  • If it’s a sale, the NFT directly comes to their wallet after purchase. While in the auction, there are increased chances for the end time to prolong if the bids keep coming in at the verge.

Why Vest On Foundation Clone Development?

With the growing popularity of NFT and digital trading concepts, Foundations like Platform have great opportunities for entrepreneurs to flourish. They have amazing abilities to perform efficiently in the Ethereum Blockchain platform. If you want to build your exclusive emporium in the digitized market, you confidently vest on the white label Foundation clone solution.

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Instead of developing your NFT trading platform from scratch, the competition is high, and by the time you finish your Platform, you will be already outdated. So why not? With Foundation clone development, you choose to build your Ethereum blockchain platform on the White-label solution. This gives you all the abilities to perform excellently with increased features and functionalities. The customization helps you conveniently design your Platform with ease. This gives you the power to act on the business on your terms and conditions.

What Are The Monetization Possibilities Of This NFT Trading Platform?

You know the capabilities of the NFT business. Similarly, you also got to know the benefits of Foundation Clone development. Here are a few monetization policies that you can vest on. There are multiple revenues streaming abilities in the Platform, like

  1. You can collect a listing fee from the creators for listing their artwork. Moreover, the admin has all liberty to choose and set their listing fee.
  2. Transactions free from the collector can be collected from the users for trading the assets instead of the ownership partition. This is a plus point for the trader that will increase traction.
  3. The admin can set a leaderboard ads fee for displaying ads and running campaigns on the Platform.

Final Verdict

Don’t you see the capabilities of NFT platforms like Foundation in the marketplace? Since its launch in 2021, Foundation has set great market benchmarks. And this is the latest NFT marketplace model with increased and simplified functionalities. And you still have second thoughts?

Let us close all of it and reach out to be the best while label NFT platform developer and get detailing on the Foundation Clone that you want to build. Get your Customised Foundation clone developed and launched in a minimal time from now.

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