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Best WordPress Plugin

Do you have a WordPress site and are looking for ways to speed it up? Then, you first need to know what factors directly affect the website speed and slow it down and which plugins can help you combat all these issues? The major things that hinder a website’s speed are large-size images and videos, caching issues, heavy CSS and javascript, bad hosts, and more. Some can be resolved easily with the best WordPress plugin. Let us find out what are those plugins below:

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin. It is often regarded as the most potent caching solution for WordPress development. Expert and novice WordPress users may also use it due to its extensive choices and automatic optimization tools. It ensures that websites load quickly to boost SEO ranks and conversions. We recommend it as one of the most user-friendly caching plugins in the market, with the simplest setup possible. It does not require any configuration; once activated, your website will immediately profit from:

Major Features:

  • The static HTML version of your content is cached for desktop and mobile.
  • Browser caching: this saves certain sorts of files on your visitors’ computers.
  • Web fonts with cross-origin support (on Apache).
  • Detection and support for a wide range of third-party plugins, themes, and hosting environments
  • Inline and third-party scripts combined.
  • Refresh the Cart Fragments Cache in WooCommerce.

WP Rocket takes care of everything for you, so you won’t have to modify the code to make your site faster. Simply take pleasure in the quick reduction in loading time as well as improved GTMetrix and PageSpeed scores!

WP Fastest Cache

Another premium plugin available for a one-time cost and includes several features not available in the free version is- WP Fastest Cache. It has many unique features that make it a worthy caching plugin. To begin, all users must download the free version, but a premium plugin is also available, which can be paid solely through the WP Fastest Cache settings module. Most sites, however, will be satisfied with the free plugin features. For example, WP Fastest Cache’s free edition includes desktop caching, HTML minification, and JavaScript and CSS combination options. The free version also includes browser caching and GZIP utilities. 

Major Features:

  • The free version is adequate for most sites, and we’ve discovered that it is often faster than the competition.
  • Because the Settings page is just a list of checkboxes with information about each setting, it’s simple to grasp.
  • In the WordPress dashboard, you can easily upgrade to the premium version. There’s no need to go to the development page and download a plugin.
  • Minify the CSS and JavaScript after combining them.
  • Integrations with CDNs can be done without a lot of effort.
  • Image optimization and caching are done individually. 

As a result, you’ll be able to see just how much space is being saved with one of your most resource-intensive applications. A setting allows you to create a cache just for your mobile theme, and you can also choose not to serve a cached version of the desktop version to mobile users.

WP Super Minify

WP Super Minify is a WordPress plugin that uses the Minify PHP Framework and minit to minify, cache, and merge JavaScript and CSS components into a single file on demand to speed up page loading. When you enable this plugin, your HTML, inline JavaScript, and CSS sources will be compressed, and your external Javascript and CSS files will be concatenated into a single file. The file size will be reduced, which will help you increase your page load speed and your Google page speed, and yslow grade.

Major Features:

  • Compress CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • It’s quite simple to use.


When first came out; the sole choice was to compress the photos uploaded after the plugin was activated; however, the most recent version added a new feature called Bulk This also compresses old images that might help save time to load older posts. If you have a large blog or many photographs, you may want to put it in maintenance mode and compress the old images.

Major Features:

  • Removing meta info from JPEG images
  • Removing colors from indexed images that aren’t being used
  • Every month, you can get limitless free image improvements.
  • The ability to compress photos automatically during upload.
  • The ability to automatically remove unwanted data from your photographs, such as metadata and EXIF data.
  • Enhance JPEG compression by converting particular GIFs to indexed PNGs.
  • Resize your full-scale photographs to a minimum and maximum size that you specify.
  • Compatibility with WordPress Multisite.
  • Statistics on picture optimization can be viewed.
  • On the free version, you do not need to establish an account to utilize their API key on the free version. The free version allows you to compress each image separately, and you can also compress 50 photos at once in bulk.
  • The plugin developer’s server resources are used for image optimization, while none of the private server resources. 


Your WordPress database saves every post, page, and comment you make, as well as any changes you make. Whenever a user requests one of your posts, it must be retrieved from this database. Naturally, the more trash you have stored there, the slower your website becomes. Because each change and auto-save takes up space in your database, optimizing it might result in significant speed benefits. This plugin aids in the decluttering of your database in a variety of ways. First, the plugin makes it simple to delete any post revisions that you no longer require; if you, like me, produce a lot of post revisions, this can save a lot of space. It also lets you swiftly delete any spam comments accumulated in your queue.

Major Features:

  • It allows you to optimize and clean your database.
  • It allows you to reduce the size of your images.
  • It enables you to cache your pages for lightning-quick load times.
  • Remove post revisions quickly and easily to keep your site functioning smoothly.
  • deleting and emptying these sections of your WordPress page
  • Before dumping the trash, remove any unapproved comments.
  • Pingbacks and trackbacks should be removed from your website.
  • Cleaning regularly
  • Storing dynamic data in a temporary storage location

Wrapping Up:

This post will show you WordPress plugins for caching your website, minifying components of your site, compressing images, and more to improve your website’s page loading times. You can easily check your website speed with PageSpeed tools. A satisfied user is more likely to return to your site to consume your content leading to increased subscriptions, social shares, and conversions. 

Feel free to share other useful plugins to improve the website speed!

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