Best DXF Editor Software for Technical Drawing

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DXF Editor Software

Any CAD application that can open drawings and models in DXF formats and edit those files is referred to as a DXF Editor. A wide variety of programs on the internet are capable of functioning as DXF Editors. These apps will allow you to open and view any previously saved DXF files without causing data corruption. These programs come with various drawing tools that the user can utilize to assist in creating graphic designs.

Some of these tools allow the user to create unique designs, customize keyboard shortcuts, and divide the screen between many windows. These tools enable users to export their work in various formats, including DXF, CSV, STL, and PNG. Toolbars are available for users to make viewing log details and to display 3D representations easier. Trimming, symmetry, offsetting, and many essential features are part of these programs.

Creating a mathematical representation of anything in three dimensions is the process referred to as “3D modeling.” 2D refers to developing and revising designs and technical drawings in a two-dimensional format. A program that can assist in creating computer-aided designs is required for this purpose. This program can generate designs with a higher degree of accuracy. The method of producing geometric data manually, also known as manual modeling, is analogous to the plastic arts. 

There are programs for 3D modeling that can be found on the internet that can rapidly make designs in 3D. Modeling programs, often known as modelers, are software applications to develop 3D models. When it comes to CAD and 3D graphics, 3D models are helpful everywhere. These 3D models serve as characters in the majority of computer games. These 3D models are also used in producing industrial films as characters and items.

The engineering community utilizes these three-dimensional models to create new automobiles, electronics, and buildings. The AutoCAD software uses a file extension known as DXF. Drawing eXchange Format is the name most commonly refers to the DXF file format. These days, some different programs are using this format to design and produce 2D and 3D models. The following is the list of Best DXF Editor Software that helps a lot in technical drawing.

  • nanoCAD
  • DoubleCAD XT
  • Onshape
  • OpenSCAD
  • BricsCAD
  • VariCAD
  • LeoCAD
  • Siemens NX


nanoCAD is a sophisticated CAD editor and designer that can work in both 2D and 3D. It offers a user-friendly interface compatible with DWG, robust tools for designing and drafting, and an open application programming interface (API). This application is consistent with the “classic” and the “ribbon” user interface styles. It can read and write older DWG files and the most recent DWG 2018 ones. You can set the variables and measurements of the primitive in the workspace if you use dynamic input. This capability is available to you.

Dynamic input is available for both the authoring and editing tools in nanoCAD. Added functionality Tool Palettes give you the ability to add standard blocks as well as invoke commands easily. You have the opportunity to develop a tool palette with additional sets of blocks and scripts if you do not feel satisfied with the typical elements that are provided to you. You can construct documentation sets of any size that you desire. nanoCAD makes it easier for the user to manage many drawings spread across multiple files. 

When sorting sheets, the user can save time by utilizing auto-numbering, which provides sequential numbers. It can convert IFC files into documents in the DWG format and perform many operations on BIM objects. It has freshly upgraded tools for 3D navigation, camera and observer head rotation, adaptive zoom, and improved performance in 3D creation. This computer-aided design (CAD) application is compatible with various alternative design programs. You can export data from nanoCAD and import it into CAD systems offered by a third party.

DoubleCAD XT

Like AutoCAD, the free services offered by DoubleCAD XT software are available to users. It is the most popular application available for download on In addition to opening DWG and SKP files, the application possesses sophisticated 2D CAD capabilities. It offers improved drawing and details, and it has blocks that line themselves automatically. You can determine the drawing order by layer, and regardless of the layer, you can hide items. New tools like the Power Stretch and Purge tools are included in DoubleCAD XT.

People who have never used CAD before should have no trouble navigating this program’s interface. Its tools function like that of other graphics apps and photo editors. If you have previous expertise dealing with CAD, then using the program will be pretty intuitive for you. This free piece of software offers fundamental and practical capabilities that can be used for designing and drafting. A 3D-to-2D flattener, layers, SketchUp, automated scaling, and a brush editor are some fascinating capabilities that come packaged with DoubleCAD XT. There is also a DWG viewer included for those familiar with earlier versions of AutoCAD.


Onshape is a 3D modeling program incorporating recent technological advancements to cater to your specific needs. It features helpful tools such as a high degree of customizability, associative 2D drawing, and the option to share. Additionally, you can import projects and files from your personal computer into the software using this function. It provides you with up-to-date tools to help you along your creating path. It facilitates the production of sketches and the selection of the sketch tool from the toolbar.

Draw a line, some circles, and some rectangles, and use features like offsetting, trimming, and symmetry. After you have completed a few sketches, you can begin working with various tools such as sweeping, revolving, and extruding. Through the “Share” button, you have the intriguing opportunity to discuss your previous job experiences with other people. You are welcome to discuss your work with others, including friends, coworkers, and partners in the workplace. The functionality of this program can be learned through a series of tens of video explanations and courses.

The user can utilize AES-256 encryption to safeguard his design data. Add-ons for SSO, PLM, ERP, and CAM might help you fulfill the needs of your engineering or commercial projects. You can place non-geometric elements with preset units, thanks to the fact that Onshape allows you to use BOM tables to manage your designs. It is possible to generate drawings of individual parts, including dimensions, surface finishes, datums, and weld symbols.


OpenSCAD is a professional tool that can effectively draught and construct three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) objects. This program’s intuitive interface makes it easy for you to view graphical representations of 3D models thanks to its user-friendly environment. The straightforward method of installing OpenSCAD won’t require more time from you. After the installation is complete, the standard window will divide into many panels to provide the user interface for the program. These panels allow the user to inspect specific log details, write scripts, and view graphical representations of three dimensions.

After you have finished your project, you can restart and compile your work, in addition to exporting your task in the format of OFF, STL, DXF, PNG, or CSV. The program can display both the CSG and the AST tree in addition to the product dumps. The user can conceal the console or editor and view CGAL and OpenCSG surfaces, displays, axes, edges, and crosshairs. In addition, he can switch between an orthogonal view and a perspective view as well as activate animation.


One of the most powerful tools for modeling in both 2D and 3D, BricsCAD, was developed with the professional user in mind. It features an easily recognizable user interface, and you can start working with it without any additional training. This application supports reading and writing in the professional DWG format and is compatible with AutoCAD 2009. For the ever-expanding Linux community, BricsCAD offers a robust, economical solution. There is a Platinum edition of BricsCAD available for Mac users.

Using the Quad cursor, you may alter the size and shapes of many CAD parts. You can also push, remove, and pull textures using it and control solid materials. The “Hotkey Assistant” feature, which allows the user to switch between the face selection and edge modes, is available in the Platinum edition. It is compatible with the DWF, DWG, and DXF formats of the CAD file type. The compatibility of Chapoo makes it easier for you to organize your artistic efforts and share your data with your coworkers and partners. It is helpful for AEC solutions, architecture design, mechanical CAD, GIS, and civil engineering.


The CAD software known as VariCAD is a fully-featured program that was developed for usage by professionals. It makes it easier for users to create professional engineering drawings in two or three dimensions. The software provides users a wide range of options to choose from while creating drawings for engineering projects. When starting a new project, you will be prompted to select between a 2D or 3D model, choose the appropriate measurement unit, and select the proper scale and drawing format. 

You have the option to place objects using either the STP or DWB file formats, copy, paste, or delete elements, as well as the ability to drag and drop components into the working space. It gives you the ability to alter the colors of the items as well as undo or redo the most recent activity. The user can embed text lines with memorable characters, utilize a calculator to solve mathematical problems and select the rotation angle of the items that have been added to the document. 


LeoCAD is an intriguing tool that can be used to make designs in either two or three dimensions. The user can construct any kind of 3D design because of the interface’s straightforward nature. The application offers a comprehensive collection of components that are necessary for drawing. In addition to the standard menu bar, it also includes shortcut buttons as a component. In addition, it consists of a color panel, a preview panel, and a list of features of all different kinds. You may design specialized toy models with the help of this highly customizable tool and then use those models to create building instructions that you can upload to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Metacafe.

Simply dragging bricks from the provided list onto the baseplate will do the trick. In addition to that, you may move them about without any effort. In addition, the application displays a variety of arrows that can be used to move the bricks. You may zoom in and out using the mouse’s scroll wheel. LeoCAD comes with a library that contains over a thousand distinct types of bricks, and you may import even more utilizing the program’s features. After completing the project, you will be able to view all the components you have already applied.

Siemens NX

NX is a helpful program that is made available by Siemens. It is a robust and versatile integrated solution that can be used to design both 2D and 3D models. Using this tool, you can obtain better models more effectively and expediently. The next generation of simulation, design and production solutions are all provided by this application. This software is intended for large corporations to develop engineering product models and animations. It includes everything necessary to create the product, from the design of the concept through manufacturing and engineering.

The engineering toolset allows you to exert greater control over your work while increasing speed and efficiency. The integrity of the data can be maintained, disciplines can be coordinated, and the process can be streamlined with the help of this program’s integrated collection of capabilities. Using the Siemens website, you can connect with partners, colleagues, and other members of the Siemens Digital community and share your data and knowledge. This time-saving tool makes it easier to finish the workflow for designing plants and machines while maintaining high quality.

Final Thoughts

The field of earth sciences uses these three-dimensional patterns to develop three-dimensional geological models. These models are utilized in the process of formulating chemical compounds by the scientific community. You may make your model stand out from the crowd by rotating it, changing the edges, and using the scale choices. The DXT Editor program simplifies things for you by giving you access to the most effective tools for editing DXT files and developing 3D models in your chosen style.

In addition to this, you can instantaneously share your artwork with both your friends and your coworkers. These apps make it possible to draw freehand, allowing you to create any design you can imagine. There aren’t many apps that let you import 2D drawings and 3D models from numerous formats, but those that do are few and far between. Some apps also include templates that can be used for either personal or professional purposes. You can use customizable toolbars and keyboard shortcuts to make changes to your workspace.

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